Blast from the past - Isomerizer Iso 2

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,
I still have my isomerizer that I had bought when I just started out in the Navy. The last time I had used this was in the 80’s. I was only able to rescue the heating vessel and condensation tower from an angry divorcee ( x wife). I am missing the containment vessel that holds the alcohol and weed. I have been in search for that item with no avail and so I have turned to this forum for help.

Yea E-bay has them but I do not need the whole item plus the prices asked are unrealistic. I remember some of the basic recipes but would also like to get an operators manual too.

Thanking you all in advance


I will have to look into this contraption you speak of… :thinking: have never heard of it…:eyeglasses:


WOW had one back late 70’ early 80’ High Times !! used to death !

All that I am missing is the containment vessel for the alcohol – once found I’ll be set


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Just made some last week with the old school was blended up weed then in mason jar filled with rubbing alcohol do that 2-3times then simmer the black liquid on low electric hot plate and BOOM :boom:

Powder up some good bud & cover a tar up rolling paper and twist it up !!!

Called them “jelly roll”. :v:t3::upside_down_face: