🍯 blackthumbbetty's Cannakitchen🍫

Thanks for sharing. Sounds absolutely delicious :drooling_face:

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Thanks, everyone! You’re too, too kind.

What kind, I have no clue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


(L)Cappuccino Truffle cups
(M)Strawberries and Cream Truffle cups
-R- Snickerdoodle Truffle cups.

Made with:
2x 85% Lindt bars
3.25ish grams cannabis oil
5 of each corresponding Lindt Truffles

Step-by-step pics coming later. Nothing fancy, just time consuming. These are definitely not my prettiest creation, but they sure do taste wonderful. I bet you all could really make these look lovely and I want pics when you do, please and thank you.


Welcome back. Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

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Glad to see your back BTB. I need to get off may backside and get more involved again.


@blackthumbbetty, good to see you back. I would like your opinion on decarbing a larger quantity of CCO at a time. Maybe like 8 to16 ounces of concentrate at a time.


@blackthumbbetty @Caligurl. Will a good ol fashioned Hershey’s milk chocolate bar work for the chocolate bear recipe? Thanks.hope you girls are doing well and staying safe. I’m trying to do my best impersonation of Betty Crocker. Lol. :crossed_fingers:


I don’t know why not…

I was worried it wouldn’t work, so I went back to store and got a chocolate made for melting for baking. I filled one mold and had some left so the next mold I dropped in a mini Reese’s pieces. I ate a few after dinner…they are just now kicking in👍


I actually don’t like the ‘melting’ chocolates… They just taste kinda’ waxy. So how much wax did you use for how many ounces of chocolate?

LOL! I like to act like I’m Julia Childs… she always drink wine while she was cooking… “A little wine for the sauce… a little wine for me…”


Hi @blackthumbbetty. Do you have a recipe for special almond brittle?

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What kind of chocolate do you use? I used @blackthumbbetty recipe from above. 240 grams of chocolate to 3 grams of extract. My molds are smaller, only hold 3.5 mils, about 3/4 tsp if I did the math right.lol. So i ended up with almost 70 little bears. Probably could of had more if I wasn’t so messy. Lol. It wasn’t bad, but at first it was kind of slow going and kept overfilling. But then I got it down pretty good. Practice will definelty help. And if I had a helper would of been good too. Being first time I was freakin the chocolate was going to thicken up too much so I was in a hurry. Fill a few molds then I’d stop to make sure I stirred remaining chocolate. My anxiety was getting to me…but the bears will help me out with that later. Lol. Prolly could of gotten few more bears if I was little more efficient. But for my first time it went ok I think. Next time I might make few adjustments to recipe just for personal taste. Thanks again for all your help.


Fluid oz, correct?

Sure, but it won’t be the most delicious thing ever, of course. :grinning:

I typically use baking chips, myself. Sometimes, fancy chocolate bars.


Just waiting on the step by step and I’m pulling the trigger.

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I don’t, sorry!

Tbh, in my opinion, every regular recipe can be turned into a cannabis recipe by adding some decarbed concentrate. :grinning:

For estimating potency of infusions/extracts, the THC/CBD% is needed. If you don’t know it, start with an average 15%:
-15% of 1 gram=150mg
-150mg of Cannabinoids per gram of buds
-300mg of Cannabinoids per gram of kief
-30-40mg of Cannabinoids per trim
-approximately 750mg Cannabinoids per gram of clean, purged, extract


I won’t be able to finish it til Monday. After the initial straining, the wash gets frozen for another 48 hours before being double-filtered (at the minimum). All the trich husks, unwanted plant waxes/lipids, and even any excess moisture will form a nice sludge at the bottom, so when you filter your wash, most of those unwanteds are already held out of suspension because of the cold temps.

You’ll see what I mean in a couple days.


My mold has 30 cavities which each hold 1 tbsp or 15 ml (1 tbsp of chocolate chips equals approx 15 grams). For unfilled cannabis chocolates, I only use 1 tsp per mold (10 tbsp total) and 3-4 grams of concentrate. For filled chocolates, I use more chocolate, but the same amount of concentrate. This way, I know each chocolate will have about 75mg of THC.

3 grams into 70 bears equals 2250mg total.
Each of your bears has about 32mg THC.



It is frozen in a block, I was just going by actual weight on the scale.