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My mold has 30 cavities which each hold 1 tbsp or 15 ml (1 tbsp of chocolate chips equals approx 15 grams). For unfilled cannabis chocolates, I only use 1 tsp per mold (10 tbsp total) and 3-4 grams of concentrate. For filled chocolates, I use more chocolate, but the same amount of concentrate. This way, I know each chocolate will have about 75mg of THC.

3 grams into 70 bears equals 2250mg total.
Each of your bears has about 32mg THC.



It is frozen in a block, I was just going by actual weight on the scale.

@blackthumbbetty welcome back!!! Sure did miss your awesome recipes!! :v:


great to read, your back I went and bought a Levo 2. It decarbs, dries and infuses. I made infused cocoa butter the other day put half a table spoon in my coffee last night WOW it was GREAT


Yea I got some baking chips. I followed your recipe and added the espresso powder, give it a little coffee after taste. I think next time I’ll leave that out. Other than that…it was a success. Maybe I might buy some molds that hold little more. These are only 3.5 mils but I guess I can always eat a few lol


3.5ml bear molds is what I use as well, 1g of wax to 3.5 oz chocolate. 30 bears = 750 so each bear has 25mg THC. fI make them for my hubby for his back pain and I am basically micro-dosing for him. He needs to stay functional as he is making cabinets and I really want him to have all 10 fingers at the end of the day (uses table saws, planers, routers, rip saws…)


8-16 oz is a huge range. Is it grams of oil or actually oounces? But, yes, no matter, you can oven decarb.

Yes, adding coffee does give it a coffee flavor. :grinning:

Next time, we want pics!

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My math came out a bit different from yours. I used the formula I always use to figure out doses. Find total THC in the batch, then divide by serving size. Each gram of clean oil has about 750 mgs of Cannabinoids (up to 900mg). 3 grams is 2250. Divide that by 70.

Go figure huh? Lol. Just didn’t think it would be that strong.

I think @Caligurl only uses 1g to 3.5 oz chocolate. So therefore she would only have 750mg for 30 bears. Am I reading that right? And also…the aprrox 750mg per gram, is that estimating with 15% thc cannabis? So obviously if the thc goes up…then the strength of serving would go up as well? Since we grow our own and don’t know the exact thc, You are just estimating at 15%thc…correct?

I use to just estimate all at 15%.

Started testing to be more accurate.

Yes. There’s a very informative post about 7 or 8 in, above.

3.5 oz of chocolate equals about 100 grams. I honestly don’t know what math you all are using, bc you’re not showing your work.

That 750mg per gram of clean, purged oil is a fairly consistent, accepted estimate across strains. Extracting is not the same as infusing, so the end product is tallied differently. The end product of this oil is called a concentrate for a reason. A 10% bud and a 20% bud might make different amounts of oil (the 10% bud will have significantly less), but gram for gram the concentrates will be of similiar potency.

Does that make sense?


I used 3 grams which equals (750x3) 2250mg. Divide by 70 bears equals 32.14mg per serving.

But if @Caligurl used 1 gram which equals 750, and she had 30 bears that would equal 25 mg per serving .That’s the math I used, not sure if we are on same page or not. Lol.

But yes…the 750mg rule of thumb for concentrate makes sence now. Thanks

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Clear as chocolate LOL!! Just kidding… I really appreciate your knowledge :slight_smile: I think you could teach classes… I would definitely attend! Seriously! Maybe a pay per video class? I’ve learned soooo much in such a little time from you and @Ladithief and @kabongster and so many others here.


I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m trying to explain to you. I’ll let you read up and figure it out, rather than repeating the same info to you, over and over again.:grinning:

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All this talk of edibles motivated me. All should be right around 20mg each.


Obviously I don’t. Dont know what to read up on, as I don’t see exactly where our “math” is different. I showed my work on how I came up with what I thought each serving was, and you agreed with that math earlier when you figured 2250/70. Which is like 32ish. Applying the same formula if caligurl used only 1gram of concentrate (750mg) and she had 30 servings. 750/30 is 25mg per serving. I can do just fine when it comes to math, obviously the numbers in your equation is different than mine. If I’m figuring it wrong then I’m not sure what you’re saying is so much different then the way you figured it. You never specified what/where our equation is different. You just said our math is different right after you did the same exact equation I did. 2250/70. Idk…maybe my calculator got a contact buzz from this mornings bowl . Thanks for the help.

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Don’t see the difference.

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Actually, I believe I was under the impression her mold held 70, as well. For a 70 piece mold, that math is wrong.

See, I was talking about your stuff, not someone else’s. Your bears are not 25mg per serving.

I am going to stop this conversation, though. Take care.

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