Blackstrap Unsulphered Molasses

Does anyone have any experience with using Molasses in their soil, or even as a foliar spray?
Pros and Cons?

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I use it almost every watering it feeds the microbes in the soil it doesn’t have any NPK if your growing organically it’s a plus

Not true it has a decent amount of potassium and calcium , mix it with 1/3 as much Epsom salt and it’s a decent cal mag booster. I give it to my organics once a week and it helps a lot imo I mean just look at my9 week old auto purple lemonade , cal mag is super important during flower and I try not to skimp

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I use 2 tablespoons per gallon from the start of flower. About 1x per week with other fox farm notes at 1/4 strength. I’m super paranoid about nute burn…go slow start small. Keep a grow log to know what works and what doesn’t. You will get smarter every grow!

Happy gardening