Blackmoons on the rise again grow season 3 2021 - 2022 woo hoo

That statement the cops said to your neighbors
What was the tone or there meaning as it could be seen positively
They just want to clear onlookers
Im guessing not

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Yes, don’t want any witnesses to their brutality.


Far out horrible experience
Yer its bloody crazy this iligal to grow a few plants
I attempted to send some peices of canabis here in nz thought it was going on a truck short story it gets found some how.
No roots no flowers just a few pieces sent to someone to clone and really see if they made it.
A long while latter 2 police officers show up
Looking for me.
Not home
I wasnt treated like you were
But the time spent months later
2 staff the time it took follow up a few pieces of plant
No question if its thc or cbd
Then they come back when im home more time used up over a few bits of plant.
Gave my statement a while later i get a letter
More wasted time.
Its recorded but no charge made.
Chase real criminals hurting people


Got it. Hear were your coming from
Yes i can purchase medical cannabis too
And like you find it hard to afford
Oh its just nuts hey
Cheers @Hashtonbutcher


Good morning brave farmers :coffee: . Unreal … To see what yous go thru and go back to it not giving up. Same sun, same world, different worlds.
The wake n bake is different now hard on tbe sativa




News flash
19th march 2023
Got home from my 25 hr shift at work
Went and checked on bubba kush and sadly she developing bud rot.
It was close to dark so had to act fast pulled the rot i could find ofcourse the top cola worst affected.
It wasnt a planned visit so had nothing with me to cut with.
So here i am frantically biting off the top cola with my teeth
Far out cannabis stems are tough.
What a sight.
Then knowing i got work tomorrow and more rain on its way i bring it out still in its 56 lt pot and put it with the frisian dew and hollands hope.
Far out that was a mission in itself.
Here’s a picture of her.

She far from ready but sticky as.
Any good bits i saved and put in a paper bag to dry.
Some good news i see seeds developing from the first pollenating i did when i was panicking about the rain soon after and my dear mother in-law putting my pollen down the sink.
Ive managed to harvest more pollen from my hollands hope since that time thank goodness :sweat_smile:
So its evident that ive got to get my babies out of there bush hiding spots and under some cover.
But what cover and were.
Stay tuned for more exciting news as it unfolds
Cheers :beers:


Funny story. Too bad you lose some buds but the part about biting the plant hilarious. Fit for a stoner movie


Part chipmunk are you? That visual made me laugh!


If you zoom in on my last picture couple posts back check out that now branch that was the leader bent over to the left.
You can actually see the shreaded end that i chewed through. I have a bad habit of setting off to check in on my plant sites without things i may need.
Like in this case some cutter of some kind.
Its loction was tricky to reach and am usually pressed for time.
I minimize foot traffic so that my track in and out doesn’t become too obvious from the air.
In this case i made the snap decision to bring the plant out.
What a mission


Morning team. Been round and watered my out door plants.
Looks like Durban starting to get bigger buds now
Kerosene krash looks good. Had quite a few yellow leaves
Off they came lots of nuggets well formed.
Critical orange punch got the fattest trunk on her and her buds are starting to grow now too.
Didn’t get in to visualize Acapulco I’ve got a long hose that goes to her.
Hope she ok.
Panama very little she under a tree gets dappled light most of the day though her buds quite young still forming.
The other 5 under shelter in front of North Facing windows.
That’s my news and you heard it here first.
Right back off to work I go.
My 25 hr shift is back.
Cheers :beers: :clap: