BlackBird and PPFD

I have a HLG Blackbird and I’m week 3 of flower on its first run. I am growing in a 4x4 tent Veg went smooth with it dimmed down but now i should crank it up. How accurate is the app on an iPhone? It is telling me it is way over what I want at just over half throttle. Anyone use one and what have you found to be a good distance from canopy?

I know with an iPhone you have to put a plain piece of paper over the camera to defuse the light to make it read right. I don’t have a iPhone or a hlg light so that’s about all the info I have. I believe @CooterJuice is running a Blackbird but I’m not :100:

I got the paper diffuser on, but seems silly to buy a nice light and have to run it at 50%.

What app? There are several. If it’s Photone I have to take my iPhone 13 Pro Max out of it’s case, then put the diffuser on and it looks like I still get some light/photon reflection because of the screen protector. You can check calibration with the clearsky calculator website.

HLG has a calculator on their website to convert lux to PPFD. Search the HLG website on the term “PPFD” and it will give you a link to the conversion app.


:point_up_2: silver lining is less on the old electric bill. I have a new Kind X420 that was running at 50% with a DLI of 55. I just recently increased to 75% to get the canopy corners in the 50-55 range :love_you_gesture:

I think you are the only other that I know of who has a Kind of any model. I have a Kind K3 XL600 in a 3x3 with 4 Pacific Light Concepts Photo Boost strips. The new X series look to be solid lights and I like having the ability to dim and also turn the UV IR channel off. The K3 has UV & IR but is always on and it does not dim. Its recommended hanging height is around 30" but I have both lights pushing 450w at 14-16".


:point_up_2: an awesome option and helping me control the heat on the 100 plus days here lately. @CooterJuice has this light and a few harvest under it. 1st run for me with it :love_you_gesture:


@SilvaBack203 runs a black bird he could probably give you some good info on that light I have a scorpion Diablo and it’s cranking 600 watts and a 4X4 right now at about 16 in above canopy about 1100 ppfd


I also have a kind k3 xl 600 I use for veg. occasionally . My 1st light I’ve kept it around .


I’m following @CooterJuice thread. Must have missed that tidbit
Good luck with it. I’m approaching 3 years running the 600 and 2 since adding the photo boost


how long ago did you demote it?
I think with the additional red from the PLC Photo Boost it does a respectable job.

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That light really is powerful i personally have it all the way up in my tent in height wise. I vegged my girls at 20% and 100% while in flower these were my numbers at 22in top of canopy

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The high dli number were at 100% intesity i lowered it when i changed light schedule to 10 14

I watched the blackbird video and your numbers look to be right on target with those given in the video

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At one time I used two of them in a 4x4 space. I agree I think they do a pretty good job. I purchased my HLG LiGHTS about 3 years back.

I really love that light. I ran it for 3 weeks in 100%

Iv’e been thinking of the x750 x2 for a 4x8, in the future when I get the funds. There are trusted people I know one says the Kind LED’s are really good one says there ok, both own hydro stores. Any input would be appreciated.