Blackberry Trainwreck Juvenile



looks like a great start @Poseidon


Nice looking plant, seems to be getting all of the things that it needs.
Keep up the good work, @Poseidon.


Nice start👍


Following along plant is very healthy class mate :v:


@Poseidon looking great.
Welcome to ILGM


Do you see what I see? I am not seeing stuff, right? I should go buy some pink cigars to hand out to my buddies???



That is a beautiful plant you have there @Poseidon well done mate.


Thanks buddy!!!


New pictures to share! This is week 4.5 of veg. I am noticing a little leaf curl … I had some heat issues I think have been worked now … Trying to hone in the new KingPro light and work on environmentals … think I may need to check soil out today. I bought a test kit. I am also testing the PH of the R.O water I am using. I bought a test kit used for a fresh water fish tank … has all of the reagents, etc, for multiple test values on the H2O … And still, I am not sure if it is a He or She … Is the plant too young to sex it? I don’t see nanners or otherwise. @Johnzy81


I think she’s too early to sex, but if you can get some closeup pics of the nodes might be able to tell.


Looking great man.


@Poseidon get a closer photo in at the stem and where it joins to were there is a node mate but she look amazing buddy.


@Johnzy81 - She is about to go to sleep for the night so I will try to get a close up of the stem joint/node/whatever the hell you call it in the morning :wink: Later, dude.


@Johnzy81 - I was able to get a couple of pics - not good ones. I am noticing a little leaf curl … The plant was very dry so I watered good. The distance to light source is about 12 inches … The PH on the filtered water I am using was a little high. I am mixing some stabilizer in a batch of water now … I am also going to test the potting soil and see what the variables are … That is a pain in the ass … Thoughts? I half-ass went into this “project” I think …


I would say it’s female @Poseidon the plant looks class bud what is your Ph that you are worried about il get some more opinions on the sex off the plant ok :+1:


@Covertgrower @BIGE @raustin @Countryboyjvd1971 can you offer an opinion please folk’s @Hogmaster if you have time mate could you have a look.


@Poseidon please post one picture at a time, and the knodes are the important section. Towards the canopy is best. There’s one picture that might tell, but there are leaves in the way.
Thanks @Johnzy81


@Johnzy81 - It was 7.6-7.8 - The new batch of water is 7.0