Blackberry looks sad?

Hey fellow members I have this blackberry plant that just seems like it’s going nowhere fast. It’s a bushy little plant at 5 week’s young but I have seen no new growth in a few days . This is my first time using fox farms and happy frog . Not impressed. I had so much trouble getting the blackberry to sprout I see potential , I’m using general hydroponics the full line up my pH level is holding at 6.0 . I had flushed about a week ago, it’s that in between feeding flush just in case , temperature is 77 degrees and humidity is at 45-50 they’re in veg I’m waiting on this one to catch up. Is this normal ? Do I need more humidity? Should I bump up the nitrogen? Any advice? Growing under a bestva 600 in a 2x3 with another 1000 bestva it gets plenty of light

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What are the ppms? And I would consider 6.2ph ideal and minimum in your medium. 6.0 is too low. 6.5 is suggested. I’d probably monitor ppms, provide that information with pictures. To get a solid answer. As there is not enough information here without pictures.


Do u have any pics that we can see so we can help u with this

Get the ph closer to 6.5 and your plant should respond and take off


You want 6.5 pH for soil. Especially for Fox Farms. Experience with Fox Farms and HLG lights you would deal with this.

I run only Fox Farms soil of FFOF top dressed with FFHF soil. I use Dirty Dozen with also Wholly Mackerel and Kelp Me, Kelp You.

Many use Jack’s 321 as its so simple with excellent results. :+1::+1::+1:



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