Blackberry AF leaf issues

I’m pretty new to growing and having leaf issues with my blackberry AF’s. I feel like I had similar issues around the same time period during my last grow too. They all bounced back but hard to tell because most ended up transplanted outside in the ground which is when they got better. Any advice or experience with this strain would be greatly appreciated.

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Your plants are in need of blooming nutrients. They look hungry to me.

So let me ask a couple of upfront questions:

How are you monitoring PH and adjusting? To what PH?
What medium are you using? Soil? If so; what soil?
How often do you feed and what nutrient line are you using?
What type and wattage of lighting are you currently using?

Anything else you think might be helpful.


Checking my ph of water going in and PPM coming out which was 1336 last time. Using general hydroponics trio for nutrients, and my soil is Coast of Maine platinum growers mix. My lights are optic 6 approximately 28 inches from canopy. I also use some cal mag. I should tell you I’ve only been doing quarter strength nutrients because I think this is hot soil. Thank you for your quick reply unfortunately my phone was glitching our yesterday or I would have responded quicker. Time for an upgrade I think or warranty. [quote=“Myfriendis410, post:2, topic:33621”]

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Seems to be a pretty heavily amended super soil. Do u water to runoff frequently? And what was the ph u are using?

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I water to runoff each time approximately every 3-5 days one gallon. I’m open to any advice you guys have. I didn’t use nutes the last batch I ran but started having similar problems around the same time frame. I started these girls around June 3rd. I have a Pineapple Express AF started approximately 2 weeks later that looks amazing and healthy.

Ph water around 6.2-6.5

Well you may have washed out a few of the nutes you maybe lacking. Im not super comfy giving options… but if ur sure ur ph is in range, then maybe a PK boost is what the doc orderd

Wait for MyFriend. He is alot more experienced then me

Ok thanks!
I’ll wait for your friend

Haha i mean @Myfriendis410 :joy::+1:t5:

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I’ll wait for their reply

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You need to concentrate on the P and K as that’s what your plant is showing. This is something that should happen soon as it will shut the plant down.

Do you think hitting her with some bat guano would do the trick?

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Your general hydroponics Florabloom will do the trick

Ok will do
Thank you everyone

One more question… they are still pretty heavy from last feeding. Might be 2-3 days before they are do. Should I feed them now or wait?

Gon pour it on. U dont have babies anymore. Big girls can take wet feet alot better. She may look sad for a day or two. But she’ll have a full belly


Ok will do