Black widows Is it time to flip to flowering

Im on week 4 starting from seeds. I have been Lst training them. I took off the big leaves last week and just changed out the water and nutes yesterday. Do they look ready to flip to flowering? Any other suggestions on what to do with plants? Uploading: 3A1349E0-7CD9-4E22-8E26-5B6DC6F4CCA3.jpeg…]()

I missed one!


Looking good. Personally I would give them a little bit more time To get bigger before I flipped If you got the space.


If you can give them 4 more weeks you’ll get 5 or 6 times the yield…


Thank you

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still a little small i would wait a few remember the veg stage is where you get the nodes for the buds to form if you only want a few branches flip them now or wait for a couple more to sets to form assuming your on a 18/6 cycle and are going to go 12/12 personally only grow autos inside and wait till spring to start my regular fems because the light/ time factor is out of the equation with auto flowers so much less to worry about if you can sacrifice some yield you can get 2 or 3 harvest in the winter 65 to 75 days and lets face it the sun works better than any light set up so i start the reg fems earky and plant them out side in the spring shut down the room because the summer here is way to damp and moldy inside the house to not have mold or mite damage…014