Black widow female

I’m guessing it’s my ph pen cause I jus bought 6 gals an I added big bud powder to one n beastie blooms to another n at first the one from last night seemed to go up after lot of pH up but then the the ones I jus bought today pH was dropping way to low so idk I’m going say it’s my ph pen but my girl ordered me gaia green all purpose, power bloom n roch dust can’t wait . N I just started top dressing with soil charge pack n earlyiss auto seem to b loving it, plus I can’t wait for my soil to come n can try jacks321 an then transplant one my babies into my super soil mix n then another into clean soil for jacks nutes n going have bout 4 diff plants with 4 diff nutes

Ok. You have to watch mixing a lot of different things too.

Really I usually check to make sure it’s compatible… soo I added fox farms tiger n big bloom to water than phed now I really forgot how much pH up u need to use I couldn’t believe it… I really did not like how much I needed to add but it worked kinda I got fed up n jus watered with the beastie bloomz but money is tight n I can’t really afford a 50$ ph pen but my plants deserve the best

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So the money you’ve put in already can quickly make it’s way to the trash with a locked out plant that doesn’t make it to harvest…

Lock out… ooo cause I jus gave the water anyway??? Well it is what it is… Luckily my oh was probably lil low anyway an so far so good an hey @Underthestairs u use jacks ???

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One off feeding isn’t the end of the world, especially in soil.

I do use Jack’s.

Yea I know . An I wanted to ask you I got my crystal n super silver Haze in solo cups they only 11 days old but coming along lovely

But wanted to ask u when u transplant into new home u going have to wait few weeks before using jacks right???

That depends on what medium your going into. It is true with nutrient loaded soils, not true with Coco. How long the nutrients last in any given soil is dependent on watering practices. The more runoff you get (which rinses nutrients out) the sooner you need to supplement.

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I have coco loco, happy frog, oceans forest… I was thinking of getting this bag called mother earth coco an perlite but then I saw coco brick n idk what medium to use with jacks nutrients… I know coco loco is amended but not to much

I’ve used the bricks multiple times, love them. They’re perfect for Jack’s, but I have a plant in Happy Frog as well. I only feed Jack’s

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Goodshit so then it’s jus like any other nutrient wait few weeks till plants however big an then jus use the 3.7----2.5—1.1 all the way thru??? I’m sorry I know I have ask this butt load times already but I don’t remember an I’m jus very leery on using it but I think this will be great grow

Not so much on the waiting part. Literally, straight Coco, full strength Jack’s every time I give them water. There are a couple times per grow that my laziness gets the best of me, and they’ll get straight water with microbes, but that’s laziness.

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Lol I’m sure it don’t hurt them but yea so I know u can’t start seed in soil n move to coco so do I need to get rock cube or w.e it is ??? I am going soon to get coco coir or brick or even mother earth but I really want to run jacks in coco but worse case I can use coco loco or happy frogn wait good two weeks before starting jacks 321

I germinate in the cup to paper towel method and move the seed into a solo cup of Coco hydrated with 5.8 pH Jack’s. From them on I feed it Jack’s with a weekly silica and microbes once or twice a week

Ok well Im in coco loco right now I jus transplant crystal fem into 3 gal fabric pot of coco loco n worm castings plus added perlite… sept22 I transplanted her so I figure bout 2 weeks I’ll wait I figure an start using jacks 321 method … I accidentally killed Super silver Haze but It is what it is… I’ve only wrecked maybe 2&3 plants outta like 27 plants… But yea …

Wait u water ur coco before planting seed with jacks321 ???