Black Widow Fem seeds flowering early

From a fellow grower: Black Widow photoperiod seeds flowering early
Strain: 5 plants each, Bruce Banner, Skywalker OG and Black Widow
Type: feminized (hero pack)
Climate: indoor
Medium: soil (organic potting)
heavy perlite
PH: 6.36
Nutrient mix: Fox Farm Big Bloom, Grow Big,
Tiger Bloom, Cal/mag, Open
Sesame, Beastie Bloom, Cha
Ching. Per manufacturers
Recommendation and
Light type: 1000w dbl. ended mh x2 18/6
H2O: Mountain spring water
Temps: 79/light hrs. 62/dark hrs.
Humidity: 63%/day maybe 70% night
Ventilation: 1-8” in-line charcoal filter vent
1-4” in-line charcoal filter vent
14 x 20 intake with hepa filter
A/C, de-humid and humidifier as needed

The plants all germinated great. Had great root balls established. We’re transplanted on easy schedule 3 times progressively to their 5 gal. pots. No plants showed any stress at repotting and flourished each time. Plants were femed after their 4th set of leaves. All strains reacted as expected.
At wk 5 the BW showed signs of budding by wk 6

Sounds like maybe they are on short light schedule.

Yea says 18 and 6 tho. But they could have a malfunction with timer or something. Idk

Or they got autos by mistake

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The black widow seem to be autoflowers. Do you have the package the seeds came in? If so, take a picture of it

It would seem so.


If I got photos( like I always do) and was growing and all of a sudden one strain starts flowering id be so pissed. Like wicked pissed it would mess my whole flow up. Lmao

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Oh to have such problems as a healthy plant beginning to flower lol

I get that it interruptds the flow but I look at that and think oh hell yeah!

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It wares off after you’ve been doing it a while. Lmao you want everything to flower at the same time when you want it too. I hate autoflowers lmao

Lol the more I see about autos makes me think I should go photo for my first grow but I already have the ww auto seed so we will go with it for starters

Thank you for sharing
I have same hero pack started outside
Looking forward to seeing if my black widow goes early

I almost quoted me and said that’s the exact situation I’m in , then I realized that that post was mine… no wonder the post seem familiar

Need more coffee