Black Widow Banana Kush and bag seed


Good plan. And at least it’s close enough that if you had to take that branch it won’t be a total loss.


This time I’m going to wet trim these branches then wash in water and peroxide mix.
All the other stuff so far i washed first then dryed them in my storage container for 4 days then trimed and put in paper bags for 2 days. Now it’s all in jars for curing


Got down to 27 degrees last night Banana Kush plant looks a little wilted this morning It should warm up to mid 60s today. I’ll check them later today to see if it has recovered.


Had to clip a bunch of the skinny branches that were damaged from freeze mostly larf buds but a few nice ones too. Every leaf that had a stem longer then an inch died and started to dry up humidity is only 15 percent. Most of the plant is still ok. I put a heater out there we’ll see what it looks like tomorrow


Checked her this morning she sure took a big hit the night before last i had a heater in there all night last night so she didn’t get any more damage I harvest it about 10% last nightthere’s still some on there that needs to be clipped off today. Overall about 20% of the plant got freeze damage. Luckily she’s almost ready to harvest


Looks like the heater is doing it’s good The only damage now is from me accedently breaking off some small branches while inspecting for feeze damage

Broke this little guy off I need to be more careful but I was able to to bring it in the house and check tricomes. Still mostly clear to cloudy and finally a little bit of amber. Hopefully I can get her through until next weekend.


Trimmed out 6ozs of Banana Kush tonight still have some hanging and 75 percent of the plant still growing
So 25 percent of the plant had to be clipped because of freeze



You can see the damage from freeze it turned the tip of the sugar leaves black and killed any leaf that had a stem 1/2 inch long or longer luckily only on a few lower branches

After drying and trimming it looks normal


Trimmed out another 5.5ozs from the damaged branches that I had still hanging


Gonna pull the rest by Friday


Well it’s done I harvested the rest of the Banana Kush today
The heater I had out there tripped a breaker last night and it got down to 26

Here is some of it and some more is out in my storage container drying


Nice harvest, congratulations.


Thanks for your help here’s a picture of my harvest so far

Still trimming the Banana Kush. I probably still have 8ozs untrimmed.


That should hold you over until the next harvest


Not the way my wife and her mom smoke lol


Just finished trimming the rest of the Banana Kush I’ll have a total weight in the morning thought I had it all Jared and weighed until I found this tote

Ran out of jars again


I found ya! I’m bloody impressed. You took good notice of your brothers. ILGM seed being paramount by the sounds of it.


Well here is everything all jarred up


You’re gonna have lots of burping to do!