Black Widow Banana Kush and bag seed


this is the bud that was deformed. Looks normal now


So I decided to harvest The Little plant that could tonight I think it was ready. I didn’t want to get to many Amber tricomes


Ended up with 3.8lbs wet some of the buds were just solid can’t waight to see how much it drys and trims out to

I was gonna wait until next Thursday or Friday but my wife wanted some that was a little less sedative. I don’t partake so it’s all up to her.


I can’t believe she let you use the jacuzzi for drying. Lol. Nice haul!


I can only use the jacuzzi tub for washing and drip drying then it all goes out to a shipping container I have outside.


Banana kush is all by herself now. I’m gonna have to spend a lot more time with her so she doesn’t get lonely.


Top left of the plant


Weather report from Miss banana kush clear to

cloudy with a very slight chance of Amber
Harvest forecast is for this weekend or middle of next week


Just finished trimming the rest of the Black Widows ended up with 22ozs of buds + 2ozs of larf and 1.5ozs of sugar leaf clippings

Next up is the the little plant that could I predict 6ozs
Has a few more days to dry
My wife and her mom are ecstatic and I won’t have to pay for their despensery weed for awhile :grin:


Congratulations, great haul!


Clipped a few lower branches the other day on the Banana Kush that had broken


Just trimmed out my Bag seed plant 8ozs 15g but it still has a little drying to do should end up as I thought it would approx 6ozs



Something has eaten the bark off this branch

There are a few other branches that have bare spots but it doesn’t seem to be affecting it any.


I catch an occasional grasshopper on them but never seen them eating anything either way they don’t survive if I catch them. My chickens love grasshoppers.


That’s quite a bit of damage. I know lots of bugs that eat leaves but I’m not sure which ones eat stems.


It’s on a middle branch that has a really nice cola at the end still growing the other spots are way smaller
It might be where I super cropped some branches while still in veg that straightened up a little. Recently some buds got so heavy their branches broke and are just hanging there by a thread and still alive. There were 3 other plants in front of her keeping me from getting close to the lower parts to take a look


That plant is getting close to done anyways isn’t it?


Yes but still almost no Amber tricomes Still some clear one but mostly cloudy. Also still has some white pistles but mostly orange to brown ones. I might clip off some branches this weekend now that my drying spot is freed up.


The little plant that could is now The little plant that was.