Black Widow Banana Kush and bag seed


Banana Kush


lower branch on the Black Widow


Black Widow




And my favorite


Just pulled my other Black Widow


I have this one cola that was deformed the branch looks like it was wanting to be two branches looks like celery
Instead of opposing leaves it would put out 4 or 5 leave out of the same spot the cola looks really funny


Here’s the branch right below the cola




There were 7 leaves all 3 finger leaves growing out of this one spot


Cross section of the stem


Banana kush that’s one plant back there. The buds are vary dense and vary sticky.


The little plant that could

The smallest of all my plants but so far the nicest looking buds as far as color and density they’re smaller buds but solid



That stem shape is interesting. The plants all look great.


Banana kush lower bud I checked tricomes with my loupe they are mostly clear with a few cloudy


bag seeds weather report Tricomes are mostly cloudy with a slight chance of Amber


Going to drill a hole in the main stem tonight probably harvest next weekend maybe sooner
This is my smallest plant by far probably end up with 2-3 ozs dry
The Banana kush should give me around 1lb dry. The 2 Black Widows gave me a total of 20ozs. I don’t know what to do with it all.