Black Widow Banana Kush and bag seed


I’m getting ready to harvest the rest of my plants
I have one BW left that I’ll pull Saturday night then I’ll pull the bag seed plant I’ve named The Little plant that could.
The Banana Kush has maybe 2 weeks to go yet


I had to do some super cropping on the Banana Kush because it had reach the top of my Greenhouse while still in veg. You can tell by how bushy it is on the left side of plant. It takes up more than half of the original greenhouse



This is on the Little plant that could


This is the remaining Black Widow


Although this is my first grow I do have some experience my brothers used to grow in Santa Cruz and Humboldt back in the 80s and I spent a lot of time up there with them this is my first attempt by myself some 35 years later.
One thing my brother always said was “its all about the seeds” He said if you start out with a turd you end up with a turd. that’s why I bought my seeds from ilgm.
I started these inside in my closet one they got about a foot tall I moved them outside


I didn’t think to take any pictures of them until they started flowering now I wish I had some earlier pictures


my deformed bub on my Black Widow


@raustin I’m wondering the Banana Kush is so dense on the left side can I clip off some of the leaves to let the sun get in better it’s got about 2 weeks left to go will that matter any


Oh yes, absolutely. At two weeks out from harvest you can do almost anything you want to her.


Ok thanks for that info I’ll do before and after pictures


The main stem and left branches got super cropped and bent to the West and get the best sun
I super cropped one branch on the right and bent to the east the middle never really filled in much


Beautiful ladies my friend. All looking good and coming down the home stretch. Congrats



bag seeds bud on the little plant that could


Looks awesome :wink:


Beautiful girls, all of them!! I just harvested a bananna & love it. Would love some insight on black widow as she will be in next grow.


I planted 2 Black Widows. I harvested one last weekend 4.5lbs wet. But that included some branch stems. I just finished trimming it out last night and putting in jars to cure. Dry and trimmed with little to no stems was just under 300 grams. I also had clipped some lower branches off early to give my wife something to smoke. Approx 2oz.


The BW that’s still growing should be about the same.
I use LST on both BW’s they were about 4ft tall and 4ft wide.


Black Widow