Black widow and white widow flowering times?

I’m at 9 weeks and I think I have two different Phenotypes of black widow and white widow I know for black widow there’s two known phenotypes short and fast tall and slow I just harvested two black widows that we’re starting to Amber up at eight weeks so I chopped them down I have two more black widows that are at nine weeks and they have barely any brown hairs they’re still throwing white pistols everywhere They’re under 1000w full power Xxxl magnum hood at 16” from tops sporting hortilux bulb… Now the white widows I don’t know if it’s because it’s growing under a quantum board versus the high pressure sodium but the one underneath my mars Hydro TSL 2000 has grenade size buds on every top they’re massive I can’t even fit my hands around them and she still throwing white hairs everywhere not a single brown hair on her I also have two other white windows underneath that 1000w hood that have maybe golf ball size buds on the tops everything underneath the tops I’d say are about quarter to nickel sized buds those ones have a lot of brown hairs I looked underneath a microscope still a lot of clear no Amber whatsoever just wondering if anyone else has any experience with ILGm widow strains also any tips on hanging drying and curing would be greatly appreciated I’ve tried the old school method of hanging them hole letting them hang dry for seven days at 68 to 75°F and 55 to 65% relative humidity until the outside of the bud was dry in the inside moist when you squeeze into them a little bit. But they always turn to hay smelling in the jars so I really want to figure this out