Black Tips, Curling

I’m a second time grower, my first grow went well with Masterblend 4-18-38. My plants have been doing swell all the way through vegetative but as soon as I’m kicking them into flower, it seems like they’re dropping like flies on me. I had a batch that are already withered/yellowed to the point of no return on me, and now the ones below are following suit.

I’m honestly really not sure what’s going wrong. I’m feeding them Masterblend 4-18-38 with Tiger Bloom. Someone suggested overwatering, so I’ve been trying to foliar spray, but to no avail. Getting these black strange tips and just overall yellowing of the plant. Any advice at all would be appreciated.


Are you in soil or coco?

What is the tds and ph of your feed?
Do you water/feed to 20% run off, you should always when feeding.

You could do a soil soil slurry sample with distilled water, this will give us the basic info to start finding your problem.

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Serious issues, fill out support ticket