Black stuff- mold? Harmful? Help


How do you keep it from getting out of control? @peachfuzz


@Myfriendis410 @Countryboyjvd1971 Hi :wave: guys I’m back!! So algae might be ok…cool but so many terms are being thrown out there I’m lost? Rock wool?? Is that the type of fill I have in my pic? Also @peachfuzz used some others terms I have no idea what they mean??:woman_shrugging: @Donaldj @bob31 also I took off the fill that had black stuff on it and I haven’t noticed anymore on the remaining fill —-and I am not sure what mold smells like Nor algae they both smell like wet dirt to me however it definitely doesn’t smell fishy so??? Thanks


@GREENEYEZ you never smelled an aquarium that had algae growing in it? Or a farm pond that has algae in it? lol trying to cover all regions lol

Either way donald says its algae so I’m with him. Rockwool is the growing medium you are using. (generically) What is it called on the bag or whatever?


Algae eats oxygen , light and nutrients … just like are medicine does… :wink:
So getting robbed isn’t a good thing… :wink:
Cooler temps and covering your medium will stop it from getting out of control… :wink:
Also a light feeding of hydrogen peroxide will help kill it as well… but will also kill good bacteria if you have any in there… :wink:

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Algae won’t harm your plant it does reduce some oxygen and eat some of the nutrients but it won’t harm your plant in other hydro systems it’s very annoying clogs pumps but as @peachfuzz said easy to control and honestly the plant will crowd out light soon enough killing most of it off :wink:


Let me clarify firstly location of algae matters if it’s on top of medium it is far less and issue it needs light warmth and moisture to grow. If it is inside your res another story because this means you have major light leaks it will cling to roots and reduce o2 which in term increases bacteria growth :wink: but on surface medium less issue it will crowd out light so it can’t grow in res also the plant in turn will crowd it out killing it off. It is however a sign your medium is staying too moist even in DWC it is best to have a dry layer near trunk of plant if you are top watering stop if your nutrients are less than an inch below netpot lower it :wink:


Lol @bob31 I guess I’m weird! Ive never smelt an aquarium or a pond :woman_shrugging::wink: any way the box say gro Dan pic attached


Grodan is a rockwool company basically rockwool is fiberglass insulation strands of melted rock and sand blown into fine string fiber then packed into blocks cubes etc… Most use expanded clay pellets for DWC hydroton lecca it has several names


@Donaldj so off topic but I have another question for a topic that already exist—— how do I ask a question on that topic??? Any help appreciated thanks!


Lol I entertain questions on my Purpose Built Shed thread but if the question is in relation to a topic on a thread it’s fair game