Black strap molasses breakdown

So I was wondering what the actual amount of plant minerals was in molasses(since the nutritional value is for human consumption percentages) and my god its almost the perfect standalone potassium calcium and magnesium nutrient supplier(with some epsom salt gets it closer) since a ratio of roughly 4 :2:1 is the optimal synergy rate between those 3 .This is for 2 Tbsp of molasses(p.s. dont use it for DWC unless you really know what your doing)


Good bit of info @GreenSnek.
Thanks for sharing.

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Nice find man. u r busy learning and now teaching. freaking cool.


Been using it epson and a little milk for the last 3 harvest. Don’t know if my plants reached full potential but I’m happy. Better flavor with more natural ingredients. Just my opinion But that’s what works for me.

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