Black stem core?

I have had nothing but problems with my outdoor organic grow this season. Constant dead brown crispy leaves, tons of yellow leaves the entire grow., also weird groups of spots on leaves that nobody could agree on what they were… And on and on. Nothing I do seems to get the plant back to lush green bush. It’s a miracle they are even in flower.

That said… my current issue I haven’t been able to find a answer to.

While I was watering today I broke a branch. And I noticed the inside was black. Is this normal or a disease? Could it be causing all my other leaf issues? Any point in the right direction would be appreciated.

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Im gonna say that branch broke a while ago but was just cracked to where air could get in causing what i belive to be some type of mold i would cut down near the main stem and see if its black down near rhe main line

this is what I found. . 1. Fungal or Bacterial Infection: Black discoloration could be indicative of a fungal or bacterial infection. These pathogens can cause decay and discoloration in plant tissues. Proper sanitation practices and using disease-resistant strains can help prevent such issues.
2. Over-Watering or Poor Drainage: Excessive moisture around the roots can lead to root rot, which can cause plant tissues to decay and turn black. Make sure your plant’s pot has proper drainage and you’re allowing the soil to dry out a bit between waterings.
3. Nutrient Imbalances: Imbalances in nutrients, particularly an excess of certain nutrients like phosphorus, can lead to darkening and necrosis of plant tissues.
4. Environmental Stress: Stress from factors like extreme temperature fluctuations, humidity levels, or poor lighting conditions can lead to tissue damage and discoloration.
5. Pests: Some pests, such as certain types of borers or beetles, can damage plant tissues from the inside, causing discoloration.
6. Physical Damage: Physical damage from improper pruning or handling can cause tissue death and discoloration.
7. Disease: Some diseases specific to cannabis plants, such as Fusarium wilt, can cause blackening and wilting of branches. Hope this helps. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: