Black Spots on Yellowing leaves First time grow

Soil:FFOF in 10 gal pots outdoors
Watering pH: 6.5-6.8
Nutes: FF Big Bloom 1tbs/gal just bumped down from 2tbs, i used a 5-8-4 FF Fruit and Flower fertilizer 2/3 weeks ago before flower then once flowering started fed 1tsp of 2-3-1 hydrolized fish/seaweed with watering and have not given them anything since.
Strains: Don Mega

Going on week 2 of flower

Since flowering had noticed black spots on some of the leaves that are starting to yellow, this is mainly happening with older leaves and i have had some issues with bug damage which the same areas are reacting the same way as they get older. I am guessing a sort of deficiency or leaf septoria or a fungus but i have not noticed a spread to new leaves. There are some spots where the leaf rests on the cage which has caused some marks like the burns shown but i dont think it is the same issue that is happening.
This is my first time growing and have had little issues but a ton of fun and interest so would love to get some other opinions on it


if anyone has any ideas or opinions on what it could be thatd be super helpful. first time grow and just seeing these dots now not sure how or what it oculd be caused from


The yellowing looks like natural yellowing of older leaves or minor nute deficiency. The spots could be nute related. Have you noticed any bugs or places that look chewed?

Maybe slight lockout…? I think pH should be a little lower in general, but definitely for flowering for P and K uptake. I try to keep mine at a max of 6.5. Are all the yellow leaves on the lower part of the plant? Are the upper leaves still a rich green or are they lighter green?

yes mainly on the lower part but did notice today one one of the higher branches closer to the top budsites there were some leafs that did not look healthy and had these same black spots
Will try to lower water ph and see if that does help

I have been using yellow bug traps and captain jacks dead bug brew every 10ish days which has controlled the bugs on the plants but have not seen mites or anything other than normal.
I had worry that it could be some sort of fungus but not sure

I’m thinking N deficiency and possible calcium deficiency. Possibly due to lockout. Do you have a TDS meter? Comparing your nute mix PPM to runoff PPM would give you more info. Checking that and runoff pH will tell you if it’s a lockout issue.


Good afternoon @farmed I looks to me like you have a nitrogen deficiency going on hear, assuming the leaves yellowing from the bottom up but with you saying you’ve already dealt with bug/pests are you sure there gone? I’ll tag a few people who are much more clued up than me

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@Myfriendis410 Will get you sorted. :+1::+1::+1:

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Not a deficiency, natural progression. As the plant grows, the interior leaves are in the shade, the plant does not want to waste energy to keep these leaves alive so it begins to cannibalize them. If your plant is healthy everywhere else, then just feed it as normal.


You are right; this is entirely normal. Old fans get recycled by the plant and drop off.


Trees do the same thing. Nothing unusual about this survival technique


jsut got back from hydroponic store and got a better fert for flower, general hydroponics maxi bloom and silica so trying the first feeding this weekend will provide an update!
New fertilizers should fix possible defiencies and will work better than what was being used before.

Thanks for the help, i figured it was normal for the color but spots gave some worry, thanks again! First time growing and i think i found a real passion for it