Black spots on new buds


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Mid Atlantic region, outdoors in 16 inch pots. 7 plants from the ilgm baked treats mix pack All appear healthy at 13 weeks/5 to 6 feet, except 1 Candy kush. Buds are in the very early stage, perhaps 10 days/ 2 weeks and some have developed this black spotty stuff. Nothing in the trouble shooting guide resembles what I am experiencing. Black stuff is confined to only the innermost portion of the bud and tiny leaflets. I am deathly afraid of bud rot, having lost all of last years crop to it because I didn’t know what it was at the time (presumed the buds were just “overripe“) No evidence of any bud rot symptoms at any other place on the plant. No evidence of any problems at all for that matter. Have snipped and discarded 6 of the affected buds (budlets?) but another affected area appears in 24-48 hrs. I am still new to this and am asking if anyone can figure out what I am dealing with, and how to remedy it

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This looks like bud rot to me. @Myfriendis410 has seen it in person.
Some better pictures would be helpful. @Choup


Douche it down with straight 3% peroxide and see if it melts away. If it’s mildew or fungus it will vanish immediately. I would suspect it’s not bud rot as the plant is usually still robust in early flower and can fight it off. But you might want to get on a program of spraying that preventatively and make sure there’s lots of airflow: defoliate if you have to as it’s better than losing your entire crop.


Welcome to the forum! I think myfriendis410 has a good idea here, keep us posted.


The hydrogen peroxide seems to have stopped the black stuff on the plant, (looks like it turned it brown and it is not spreading) but I now see the same symptom on a second. I’ve given it a dose of hydrogen peroxide too and will continue to monitor all of them closely. My questions this time- should I flush the treated area with water afterwards, or just leave it? I’ve just left it on to this point. Is the hydrogen peroxide going to have any negative effect, or is the 3% solution mild enough to use (sparingly) without concern about harming the plant?

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No harm, you’ll be fine. @Choup