Black spots on leaves again

Hey fellow growers. I have been reading about black spots on here. But I am just so confused so I thought I would post pics and see what y’all thought. I have a amnesia haze plant. It was doing good until about a couple weeks ago. I saw the spots on like 6-8 leaves. I pinched those leaves off. Looked good for like a week and then returned. I am going to post pics, but gonna try to give u more info.
Fox farms ocean soil
They r in a closet in back bathroom. Have 600 watt hps grow light.
I use flower power all in one bloom fertilizer that came with beginner set I purchased ilgm. I first thought too much fertilizer so I just started using plain water.
Temp is around 85 day and 75 at night
Humidity is around 50 during day not sure at night.
No ventilation just use fan and humidifier. No co2 although not sure what that is…lol
PH is 7.0 I can’t find the one to get water ph. I guess I just need to invest again…ugh.
I have one more plant northern light, but it’s in veg state. Not sure what other info I need to add. Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like she is burning up. How close is the light. And 7.0ph is way to high. Water to ryn-off and get a good ph reading. Also a ppm reading would be helpful.

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Looks to me like they’re hungry. Yellowing with dots. If you don’t Ph the water between 6.2-6.8 that is likely the problem.

How far into flowering are you? @Minnie59

The light is 28” away. It worked for white widows last year. This is my second grow so still learning. I thought 7.0 was neutral. I had purchased general hydroponic ph up and ph down. It says use with nutrient solution. Haven’t used yet. Still learning so I don’t know what ppm is? Thanks for answering so quickly

Probably about 3 weeks. She is pretty short 29” from soil.

Ok glad to know what water ph is supposed to be. I never have run off. I am worried maybe not watering enuff. She just soaks that water up…lol. I am going to order something to check water ph…any suggestions. Yes she probably is hungry I stopped giving her nutrients 3 watering ago. I thought maybe I giving her too much so was trying plain water for awhile. Thanks for helping me! U guys r the best!

Sounds like she is hungry and maybe is CalMag deficient too.
How often Do you water?
I’m not familiar with the nutrient you are using but during flower they use less N and more P and K.
I would add nutes to water and adjust Ph to around 6.5 and PPM to around 800-1000 and feed to slight run off and check that Ph and PPM readings and write them down for reference. You should also get a TDS meter to check your feed waters PPM so during different growth phases you can adjust that if you don’t have one.
They sell inexpensive combo PH meter and TDS meters at Amazon for around $25 or you can get them from $40-$120 each. Just depends on how fancy you want it and how long it will last before having to buy another one.

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This is what I use. It’s cheap and fairly accurate but takes some time for Ph reading to stabilize and you need to get used to the intricacies of it. The more expensive one are quicker to get a reading and are less finicky.

PPM is the stuff you add to the water Parts Per Million. The TDS is Total Dissolved Solids…measured in PPM in addition to your source water

Hope this helps and HAGD

I agree that you should adjust your ph after adding nutrients. But you really need to know your ppms. Definitely invest in a TDS meter. Also I would say water with a 6.0 - 6.3 ph at this point. I don’t feel that watering with 6.5 ph is going to drop the ph to a reasonable number anytime soon. It has to drop very quick at this point. So I might even suggest a good flush with 6.0ph.
Edit: I would back off on the nutrients until you know what your ppm is.

He doesn’t have any readings of his liquid Ph. I’m pretty sure is using a 2 probe soil meter based on what I read at the top. So thats why I suggested a middle Ph until he establishes what the run off is.
He can’t find his liquid Ph meter

@Skydiver If he doesn’t have a water tester how is he going to ph of the water going in at all?

True that
When he buys one then he can…or if he finds the one he lost

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Right. lol. Then the decision can be made. image

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I water her every evening. I just ordered the water test meter. It will be here Thursday. Also can u suggest another nutrient? I have heard others say they didn’t like the flower power so I would like to try something else. Thanks again for all the great info

Thanks guys! Ur the best!!!

Crap I accidentally deleted my post. I am clueless when it comes to this iPhone internet stuff. My granddaughter taught me what little I know…lol
Ok I am going to try this again. One more question is the soil ph supposed to be the same as the water ph? I am sorry to be such a pain. But ur advice is much appreciated

I’m not up to speed on all the nutrient offerings out there that are turn key ready to go.
I grow using the organic amendments with a living soil where like outside in nature the little micro critters we can’t see work their magic with the plant and nutrients in the soil…
Many of the nutrient offering are chemically produced and they kill all the good critters and that sends the stuff you need to do more complicated regarding testing run off and flushing and all that.
Living soil if set up well will help self regulate the process for the most part.
If your interested in learning more about this look here
And here
There is a lot of information that can help you if your interested in organic living soil grows.
Sorry I can’t be more help with the nutrient suggestions outside of natural amendments.

As far as soil Ph that’s another discussion lol versus the liquid Ph of the input (water +nutrients) and the excess water that comes out the bottom. The input Ph you want will depend on where your run off Ph comes out at. Your run off Ph target will be around 6.2-6.8 or so. So if you Ph feed water to say 6.5 to start and feed until runoff and then test that run off Ph and it’s say 7.2 then you will want to Ph the next feed to maybe 6.0 and then check that run off. Make sure you keep a log of this info to reference later because I know I can’t remember unless I do.
Then you’ll also use the TDS meter during the mixing of the feed after mixing check the PPM of it. 3 weeks into flower I would shoot for between 800-1000 PPM. Then also check the PPM reading of the run off too. That will give you an idea if they are needing more or less nutrients in the feed water.
A lot of this stuff goes away or is minimizes when growing with a living soil.

Here is a write up I did on a Ph Soil meter tester that I use

Hope this helps and HAGD

Looks like some magnesium deficiency

Most of the fox farm ocean forest I’ve had starts at pH 6.5.
If it’s a long veg (3+ months) the peat breaks down and the pH starts to drop during flower.