Black specks in one bud

It’s kind of hard to see but there are some black specs on one of my bud! Any ideas?

Typically insect droppings look like that. I do not see any leaves eaten. White spots could be insects on undersides of leaves. White flies do that.
Check close for bugs. Could be they just landed, did their biz and moved on. Lol

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They have been there for a about a week and we had some decent rain the other day which I figured would have washed them off if that’s what it was

They tend to glue themselves in place…
May be something else but I dont really see any plant problem.
Kinda looks like black ants that got stuck in the resin and shriveled up.
Do you have a jewelers loupe?

I would 2nd looking close. Check underside of leaves good especially.

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