Black moons arising 2020 2021 season

Are these going to be outside?

Yep all outside

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I’m very excited for you…I’ll be watching…:+1::v:

Have you seen the girls I got going outside?


Cant remember now i look at so many @Happilyretired

Nice Blackmoon, can’t wait to see them all get going! I do wish we could get Ilgm seeds in SA.

I cant see why you cant there based in Victoria i believe thats were my last order came through from on the post mark on the stamp.
Have you looked at coffee shop seeds based in uk.
Did i tell you i was born in adelaide or is that old news

I just got my 20 super silver haze in and i wanna drop 1 to try an outdoor grow so bad, but we are in bad rainy season here in south east asia tropics so ima have to wait till around Dec for it to dry out some here…having said that im looking forward to seeing yours grow so i know what to expect


Cant imagine what that rainy season is like.
What kind of things do you.
people in general do in the rainy season.
Glad to have you on board.

Its not that bad really, but it rains on and off every day just about…one hour its super sunny and hot and humid, then next you think were in a typhoon…

The issue is the humidity outside, its freaking non stop sweat as soon as you go check your mail lol…so naturally we have to deal with stuff that comes with it. For most of my peppers and fruit trees its not that big of a deal, but im not sure how cannabis will react.

So ill wait till we get over it, so it drys up some


Yep i could imagine the humidity being really high.
Was in Thailand once when it was really hot muggy raining.
Flying cockroaches.
Pretty hard to grow weed in those conditions.
Mildew mold be a real issue.
Maybe there some local strains that cope with the conditions

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If you’re putting it in the ground outside I would think it would be OK as long as your days are getting longer, You shouldn’t have any problem with mold while it’s vegging… One thing to think about when you plant outside is where you’re at in your summer season, If it’s early spring and you plant now you might wind up with a plant that’s 10 feet tall. Living where you’re at I don’t know for sure but if you want to grow a giant plant what’s one seed, give it A shot…:+1::v:

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Timeline wise, daylight avg rn is 12hours/15min…mid Dec is 11hours 30min…so daylight is shrinking until mar/apr when they start creating back into the 12+hour days…longest day is mid June at 12H 65 min. Shortest day is end of Dec at 11H 30min


My mistake I thought you were below the equator…

Whats the hours based on.
Sun up to sun down or the actual hours of sunlight light on the plant.
Said another way its day light here now about 6am but no sun til 8am.
So is it gauged on 6am its light verses its dark or when rays of sun hit the plant.

That’s total amount of sunlight as per some farmers website I looked up…I just googled “amount of daylight in Guam” and then went through to see the full year

Arrrrr i got home after 50+ hours at work after i dropped my 8 new stains before heading off to work last.
Get home. Very noticeable change in the unknown july August seedlings.
3 out of 5 gg x rose coming away.
My 2 gscx auto that sprouted out of 3 got bigger since being away.
The 8 new seed strains that i left floating where still floating. When i got home…
Dang was hoping they had tails while away.
I gave them a tap and and down they all went.
See what tomorrow brings.
Big smiles and hope all is good.
With my seeds and my friends on here.
Catch ya.


Okey dokey
My july seedlings have made some great progress. Im thinking they the rose plant i grew last grow looking at there fat leaves rose had fat leaves last year.
But some one on here recond it was still sativa.
Not indica.
Well they regular seeds even if you pollinate a fem seed plant right.
I want to fim them but if i do and its a male well that be a waste of time right unless i wanted a multi branched male.
So probably no point right til i know which sex it is?
Or just do it anyway
What do you think.
Fim it leave it.

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I’d fim it, by the time it showed its sex it might be 5to 6 nodes in and you’ll have missed your chance( at least for optimal time / growth)


Thanks @GreenSnek ill put up a photo of them in the morning hence its dark here now at 7.15pm
Looking like my seeds are growing tails Now. Didnt have a lot of time today to do any thing with them.
Im hoping to get them into medium tomorrow.
Cheers for checking in

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Does anyone following know what strain Pkf is ?