Black moons arising 2020 2021 season

Watching. In the middle of my first outdoor grow so wont be much help but maybe can pick up a few tricks along the way.

The green in your leaves are really deep and lush

Hi all blackmoon here.
Just need some clarification.
To start a grow journal click on beginners grow journal with a title ie black moons arising.
Do i need do more than that?
Also what’s the best setting ie tracking watching normal etc.
Hope your all well where ever you are around the world and your enjoying your grow.


Today i have been out and bought myself some canna coco premium plus for my up and coming grow season.
This perlite seems interesting stuff.
I didnt buy any not sure what its good for seems very light. Is it natural or plastic or other?
How much canna coco does one usually add to a 5 gallon bag of compost?
Does anyone have a good organic compost recipe for growing there weed in.

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Hi @kettle @Kan72 @AAA @MrPeat @KeystoneCops @kellydans @Royc @shindig153 @FrostyBuds @dbrn32 blackmoon here you were all very helpful with my first ever grow my last season.
Ive been off the radar since harvest (too stoned to do anything)
Not quite but i have enjoyed what i grew and want to say a big thank you to you all that helped make that happen with my many many questions im gearing up to drop some seeds in our September( spring) and wondered if you would like to tag along with me again this season with a grow journal titled black moons arising.
Not even sure if there is anything special i have to do on here other than this to make that happen.
So much to learn even how to work this forum properly.
Hope to catch up with you all again in the months to come.
Cheers blackmoon


Thanks for the tag ! set to watch The Journey.

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Cool thank you.
So its that easy to set a journal in motion.
Hows life were you are?


Life is good working everyday, it has been very hot !

Thanks for the tag. Set to watch.

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Cool thanks for the tag . Set to watch

How did your last lot of gold leaf go. I have some of those seeds thinking of getting a few started this summer outside.
Hope get a repeat of last summer sunny and dry especially near harvest time.
Any suggestions on there care.

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a picture of one of the last ILGM Gold Leaf. Outside they can get pretty big I had one outside a couple years ago.


@Blackmoon My experience with the ILGM gold leaf they can stack up some pretty serious buds. I have

had about 4 rounds with them.


That is amazing what a plant wow you must have been proud of her.
What she smoke like?
My gorrilla glue was pretty good.
Couple puffs and the kept going to new levels.

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What medium have you got them growing in?
Fairly chunky bag you got it in.
Im really looking forward to growing mine now out side and organic…
Thanks for sharing your photos

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Both were in 5 gallon bags. The smoke is excellent !
Mainly ocean Forest soil with a little Happy Frog on top. The Gorilla Glue is on my bucket list. Happy growing my friend !

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set to watching, thank you for the invite…

I have a concern brewing thought i put it out to all thats following.
Its in regards to purchased seeds from ilgm that dont turn up.
There one thought that they get intercepted at customs.
Quite likely.
But i have never had any contact from customs to say these seeds addressed to you have been found.
Recent comunication on here put the idea out there that if they are found police are informed and a search warrant can be issued.
Created some concerning thoughts.
So thought thought he just put it out there.
I still have 2 orders that have not arrived plus the repeat orders that ilgm send free of charge.
If thats the reason for my orders not arriving my name and address will have been forwarded to police a lot by now.
In saying that 2 orders i made in march turned up in june and July.
Maybe every thing is still floating around out there still.
Ilgm sale pitch seems to ease the concern seeds being found at customs for the buyer.
Saying there little or no risk.
What you all think about this


where are they being delivered, country