Black mold ugh!


Found black mold in my shed! It is not in grow room. What are some things to get rid of it. Right now I am spraying it down with borax / gallon water. Supposed to help. What about bleach?

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I’ve used a 50/50 mixture of bleach water in spray bottle to zap mold before. Not sure about around your grow though. I used when grow was over to clean room too. But always let air out some after.


@Smokin_ernie bleach is always good. You’ll want to go to store and find something that says mildewicide. Kills mold. Some scrubbing and hosing you’ll get it clean. Dehumidifier installed afterwards to control moisture levels and dry it out will help.


Thanks guys. It sucks it is on the ceiling!


What kind of ceiling; wood, plaster etc. After cleaning with bleach or anything else, let it dry and then paint with Kilz. Also check out the roof for possible leaks and repair if needed.


Wood ceiling. Going to mix up some bleach right now got fan going and going to pull out the dehumidifier.

Good call on roof it Has moss all over the shingles. Never seen a drip or wet spot on ground.


Sometimes it’s good to have friends with bad experiences :rofl: depending on what you find you might need to do some reroofing. If the roof isn’t rotted then clean with bleach and water first.


So I started with borax so finished with that going to let dry out then hit it with some bleach! Reroofing is a possibility.


I hope not but at least it’s a shed not a house :blush: I had two sheds in Kansas. We ended up tearing down the smallest & luckily saved the largest. After all your hard work on the inside I never thought to have you check the roof :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I was just excited watching the build!


Didn’t really think about the roof either. There was never any leaks that I know of. Thanks for quick response. I am still freaked out but a few bowls and feeling a little better.


All I can offer is my experiences with everything but growing good weed (working on that this year :slightly_smiling_face: ) And if my memory serves me correctly you were doing most of the work over the winter. So getting on the top of the roof probably wouldn’t have been a good idea. I’m ready for a bowl myself!


@Smokin_ernie use 50/50 bleach after it dries then go to your local hardware or big box store depending on where your located and get a primer that kills mold and won’t let it grow back and paint over it.
Air oUT the spores and your tent asap as long as you can set up fans to blow out of your shed. It wouldn’t hurt to kills the rest of the shed because the spores are on everything in there


Good point @Sirsmokes :+1:


What ever you do don’t get that in your grow groom change clothes and shoes and wash your hands.


thank you! Good advice!


bleach works down here!


Thanks everyone got it under control for the moment. I sprayed every where with bleach / water combo 50/50 I could and it is looking better. Not so panicked next step is dry with dehumidifier which is going right now. Paint will be next step.