Black friday lighting deals?

Anyone know of any places that have black Friday deals on LEDs or MH/HPS lighting? I’m trying to do a grow to get a little cash to support more growing costs and I want to get a light. I was thinking LED Mars Hydro 300w but then I thought black Friday is coming up and maybe I could get a bit of a deal but not sure if light places do that. Has anyone seen it or know of anything?

These guys always run discounts and specials , they even have a Veterans Day promo sale and they lights are really awesome .

This is a nice place to check out ledgrowlightsdepot

I don’t think personnel excepts advertisement of other markets here on lights , deals , are samples by other competitors due to business and investments , which makes perfect sense when its they forum to generate sales in cannabis cultivating , and the have marketers they used for advertisement for purchase . Cause I’ve posted a few light options links and they are deleted which I understand now why , but out of respect for Robert and the whole ILGM team and community to not violate rules and acceptance , just do an extensive research on different models , brands , and links for savings and purchasing on your own observation , so we stay within the rules of the best “Free grow Forum” on the interweb . But it’s many out there to search and we wish you the best of luck on purchasing and finding the best deals on the market , but if you need great quality seeds , here is the best place for purchase and it’s not an over whelming network of the mutplicity of names and strains , it’s a complex of variety to choose from to help your choices made simple and very cost affordable to give you the best quality of hybrid genetics through the coffe shops and dispensaries throughout the world …Robert has done an amazing job for us all with his service …Thanks ILGM and may the Season to give Thanks find us all in Sedation and relaxation with the best of toking and smoking .

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