Black Domina & Hash Plant Grow Journal

I just wanted to say Hello to everyone first it is my first Journal in this forum and since I’ve bought seeds thought I’ll try to get to know some of you here and have a fun time growing with you all!

So a bit of background to what has happened is that I’ve ordered from ILGM on the 3rd of August with it been dispatched on the same day but nothing yet and got a bit impatient so ordered from another company which they dispatched on on the 10th of August with it arriving on the 22nd August.

I actually thought it was ILGM seeds until I open it up and it been the three other Strain of seeds I’ve ordered dispatched later. The ones I’m waiting on is Super Skunk, OG Kush and Strawberry Kush for almost a month now but not knowing if it was going to arrive or not I have went ahead and started to germinate these seeds I got currently…

So what are these mysterious seeds? Black Domina, Hash Plant and Skunk Kush… So the Journals begins while I’m still waiting for my ILGM seeds.


Welcome! :smile:

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I’m interested in seeing how this turns out keep us posted…

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I went ahead put them all in a cup of water set the temperature and waited…

Day 1 a few of the Black Domina started opening so I thought oh great that awesome good strong seeds but that essentially stopped with only the Black Domina seeds popping in water cup method as well as some Hash Plant 3 out of 10 and 10 out of 10 popped for Black Domina so I’m really loving this strain it falls within the easy to germinate.

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Hello Greenthumbfun oh I’m doing a catch up for the first week right now it quite interesting how it going so far :slight_smile:

Skipping to day 3 in which case the roots grown out quite a bit on the Black Domina of course each seed varying in length and decided to put them into brand new rockwool cubes and put them back into darkness for the rest of the other 20 seeds been not too reactive thought I’ll leave it in the water while I give the Black Domina time to pop out of the cube in darkness…


20 seeds!
Are these all fem seeds?


After a day in darkness with the Hash Plant and Skunk Kush in water for almost four days I called it quits with the water method and switch to paper towel method since I figure it can be in water forever and 17 seeds not reacting at all…

Put the three Hash Plant into Rockwool cubes along with the Black Domina in the humidity dome now with lights on it inside of the grown tent…

While the other 17 Seeds went into paper towels and you know was a bit frustrated these ones were pretty slow to germinate but whatever right it still early days… Labeling each package giving them numbers and names so I don’t lose track of what seed is which from what strain…

So just to clear a few things up… Black Domina is Regular so is the Hash Plant only the Skunk Kush been a Fem… 30 Seeds altogether from the other seed company.

Back to the Germination trails… Day four 3 Black Domina pop from the rockwool under light and the following night another 2 and at that stage 8 more Hash Plant pop from seed which I promptly put into the rockwool these been slower to germinate didn’t expect to pop out of the rockwool quickly…

2 Skunk Kush seed popped next putting them in Rockwool day five with 6 Black Domina out of the Rockwool… Followed by another one on day 7 today… Looking like one of the Hash Plant is starting to come out of the Rockwool which is pretty good to see!

I have some rough photos I took at night so you guys can see it in the Dome with the Lid off… These were taken on Day Four. Will load more interesting pics of them when more of them develop in a day or two since they gotten pretty big now with 7 in total now popping out of the rockwool.

They were moved away from the grow room as it was too bright and can’t take a picture but with one of the photo you can still see the light and I had to activate flash to wash out that light in the other two photos. Oh yes different rockwools too…

It funny But I had 20 or so Rockwools left and had to purchase more bought a different variety which is one I actually prefer looks to be a lot higher quality too but the other ones was pretty cheap except it comes in an entire slap which you have to break up by hand after been soaked.


Welcome to ILGM @Immortalized :+1:
I look forward to watching your grow.
Just let us know if you need any advice everyone is happy to help out there fellow growers.


Thanks for the welcome Jmesser and good to see you around here and just getting familiar with some of the people on here reading stuff and learning a bit more myself which is always good!

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Only the Skunk Kush are Fem seeds

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@Immortalized first of welcome just found your thread
You planning on growing 20 plants indoors
What kind of setup you working with ?
Sorry if you answered this already :+1:


No apologies needed countryboy. I got a lot of equipment depending on how many seeds end up been successfully sprouted and all I will deploy what i need… Haven’t grown in awhile so a bit rusty and all right now. Starting to think i shouldn’t of use those super old rockwool cubes hahaha it differently taking super long to come out but a few are poking out now the Hash Plants that I put in the cubes a few days ago.Really have no idea how old those rockwool slabs are but they say rockwool last forever… I’m just not sure if it 100% good for germination though hahah

Have them under 400hps currently and at distance apart usually use the 400hps for mothers and my 130w fluro for the seedling but seem to have lost the other half of it… Probably during moving and stuff so it a bit overkill with 400w currently not to mention put out a fair bit of heat…

I got four 600w hps i can deploy or bits and pieces if i can find it all or go out and buy another hood or two for my three 1000w hps two of which are digital the rest including one thousand ballast are all the standard heavy things but i look after all my gear so everything still working for the most part :slight_smile:

ect ect duel 10inch fans with a duel fan controller and carbon filters probably have them both deployed and turned down depending on how many viable plants I’m going to end up with since 2/3 of my seeds are regular and expecting males that I have to pull.


Welcome @Immortalized! Lots of knowledgeable folk here. I’m on my first grow, but I’m really glad to see you joined! Good luck with your new grow. What size of grow room/tent do you have to put all of these lucky ladies in?


I’ll be building the grow room when i move out of this grow tent with panda film which should be a whole day of fun but not concerned about that just yet since I’m still pretty much in the seedling stage until the next week or two since all three strains having their own times when they want to germinate too hahah.

Actually thought half of my seeds were going to be complete duds but ended up been the shell on these seeds been super hard too I should of sand it a bit down just taking forever for the water to penetrate the coating but I’m expecting 80-90% germination though but how many of those actually going to come out of the rockwool is anyone guess since the fiber are a lot harder to pop through vs soil and the seedling even after it popped has to push through all that hard fiber.

If you over water it and you can over water it can really slow down the seedling progress too in rockwool essentially drown even so it not particularly that awesome to germinate in at all but the convenience side of things is great haha.


Just got caught up @Immortalized not sure where in the world you are but my last seed order from ilgm arrived in about 10 business days. I live on the east coast of the US.

No worries with ilgm though! I’ve changed the settings to watching so I’m along for the ride!


Welcome @Immortalized

Looks like you are on your way in some of those RW cubes. I signed up to follow along and see how things progress for you. Best of luck!!! Need anything just give a tag.


It might be lost or just forgotten because I usually get anything i order from anywhere around the world within <30 days since i got these seeds i’m currently growing with basically around the same part of europe and was sent a week later been dispatched on the 10th of August while ILGM dispatched on the 3rd of August even got a tech product from the other side of the planet with regular mail that I ordered on the 4th August on 25th…

Anyways said to wait up to 25 business days before contacting them so I guess that the standard procedure. At least it a good thing from ordering from two seed companies is that you are bound to get one sooner than the other so the growing can begin.


Yeah thanks for the welcome looking like some of the older RW cubes are starting to open up today too with the slower germination seeds which now I think about it really should of put in the new RW cubes hahaha. 2late now and the wonders of hindsight. Since I already have the other old RW charged and ready to go too.

I’ll have some more pictures on the progress tomorrow but the field is changing for the better at least. The Black Domina growing really good hopefully get more ladies then guys out of it but that to see in a few weeks time.

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Welcome to the forum @Immortalized. This is the best place to get either reacquainted with growing or learning brand new and there isn’t a friendlier bunch on the internet.

20 seeds! You’re going to be busy, busy, busy. I’m following along too and can’t wait to see how these pan out for you. Out of curiosity is there a reason you went with regular seeds vs feminized? I have two “sort of” successful outside grows under my belt and am prepping for my first indoor and am wondering if there is a reason people opt for the “crap shoot” of regulars vs feminized. Happy Growing ~ AB

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