Black and Brown leaf tips


Hi, I am at about 4 weeks in and a leaf or two has tips that have literally turned black. They started as brown and quickly went to dark brown to black. I had this issue about a week ago, and whatever insect it was created a sack in between the top of the leaf and the bottom of the leaf. I cut off the tip. Now I’ve got several tips that are browned out and one that is completely black. Should I cut the tip or whole leaf off? These affected leaves are in general on the bottom of the plant to midway. The tops of the plants look really good. Any help appreciated…


it is common to remove damaged/dying leaves. thats a no-brainer.

but what is causing it? some pics might help the community here narrow it down.

in my limited experience. ive seen leaves discolor the way you describe from, overwatering.


Thanks for the reply… here are some pics. The damage is pretty obvious as you can see. I had a bought of white flies and got rid of them and now I have some very tiny round black flies that I can not seem to get rid of. I water every 3 days and have a soil with moisture control. (Keeps moisture in) These are 100% outdoors so they are exposed to the elements. It never rains here, I literally mean never, and I am just a couple blocks from the Pacific Ocean. Not sure if the ocean air has something to do with it. Also I am using pots that are maybe 6" in diameter and they each have 4 drain holes in the bottom about 1/4" in diameter. I lined the bottom with rocks (not to many) to try and help drainage. Please help!


Nutrient Splash _ this happens when your nutrients get on the leaves when feeding - no worries !!!