Bitcoin for seeds

Has anyone else used bitcon to purchase seeds? How quickly did the seeds get to you? Any issues with the process?

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I have never done it, but the delivery times should not change because of the payment type. I got mine in about 22 days (I sent cash, once payment was received, beans arrived 12 days later)…


@Whitepot being honest, I just invested/purchased some bitcoin the other day. I’ve been thinking about it a long time. The processing time should not change because of the payment type. There is a 10% discount for ordering seeds, so that was the incentive. Now there’s a 10 for 10 deal going on and I’m considering trying that as a trial run for the first time. Bitcoin is confusing at first, but after you understand it, it’s a bit easier. I’ll admit it was very intimidating. There’s a “how to” on the ILGM website. I hope this helps. It’s basically the steps that I used as well, including blockchain for my “wallet”.


Thanks and you’re right, the Bitcoin is somewhat confusing especially when setting up funds at first in another area. Anyway, I did a sale and have my fingers crossed for delivery.


I hope my experience is as good as yours…


If you don’t mind @Whitepot what country are you in?

I’m on the east coast, 8hrs from you

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Shipping to my location is about 8-9 business days. Once it took 13 business days but 8-9 is more the normal.

I doubt yours shipping would take any longer than that @Whitepot

Cool, so far I hear nothing but goodness about ILGM


I was one of the unfortunate souls who got their order seized. Not ILGMs fault of course. They just never showed. I contacted them and they reshipped, no questions asked. For their shipping guarantee alone, they can’t be beat.

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How did you find out they were seized?

In the US, customs will send a letter to the address on the package seized, or so I have read. No real experience with it…

I’m sorry, I should have said I assumed they got seized. I never got any notification of seizure, they just never arrived. ILGM was very helpful and shipped my order again. It was a long process but once they reshipped, I had them in 9 pr 10 days.

Oh ok. That’s a little nerve racking…

How long did you wait before notifying ILGM?

They want you to wait 25 business days before notifying them of a lost order and then they’ll reship. I know, it seemed like an eternity, especially if you’re waiting on seeds to get started. I even ordered seeds from a Canadian seed bank because I got discouraged and antsy. In the end though, Robert and the gang came through for me and dozens of others in the same situation.

I haven’t heard of anyone getting any “visitors” because of a seizure. Just a letter. They even split up large seed orders as to avoid large losses and avoid raising any eyebrows.


It sounds like they have all bases covered to deliver

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I have used bitcoin have been into crypto some quite a while nice to use it for this.

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