Biscuit lsd auto grow day 71

They looking good for day 71?? Still has some white hairs and needs prolly another 2 weeks cause been growing in 85 degrees


Sorry I can’t help you, never done autos and still learning myself. Perhaps @repins12 @Nicky @SilvaBack203 @pr


She sure do look good. Nice color. Whats the humidity? Because the curly of the leaf.

I say check trichomes 4 a good answer on how long you should let it go.

Thank you for the tag


45 humidity! @SilvaBack203

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Thanks Silvaback!

Looking good, my friend. What was the question again??? My tent is at 40% RH, right now but, that could change tomorrow :v:t4:

85 is a bit warm, what’s your DLI (light levels)

High heat, high light levels in late flowering or both can cause fox tailing and it’s something you want to avoid. So check your light levels and try whatever you can to drop your Temps a bit but she’s alive and flowering so that’s good.

No need to check tricombs yet unless those are all fox tails which I don’t think they are…

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Im in full newbie mode as far as autos go. Certainly not to be mentioned with @Nicky. Or any of those mentioned above. Its a work in progress, and picking up info pretty much daily rite now. Would surely like to become confident enough, to help others with their grow. Seems itd be just as satisfying as our own grow.


It is a complete mess and diaster in there i got 2 planta that have larf budd and 2 of them streched a ton

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@Nicky @SilvaBack203 @pr @repins12 @Beck

I got 2 plants where they are straight bening and they stretched so harddd

I believe shes showing aign of heat stress… can you answer Nick questions 4 us please if you have a chance


If you see from the photo i took, thats the height from light to plant which looks really close i gotta find a way to raise light @nicky @SilvaBack203

If you were 2 relocate your exuast outside you would gain head space


What he said :point_up:

Yes or at least puhs the exhaust off to one corner. Then loop the metal tie trapd back over themselves and remove your ratched hangers for now and use zap straps to secure the light right up against the top support tent poles.
This will buy you space for now.

I don’t have a picture of the correct way to use ratchet hangers but I can tell you that 9/10 people put them on wrong and they end up consuming much more space then needed.
Maybe someone else has pictures of how to properly hang them… It’s hard to explain because I haven’t touched mine in so long.

Take one and attach it to the light, not the guide wire but the light, or if you can’t make a small loop with a zap strap because the guide wires are space wasters. Then put it up and over your top tent pole and do the same in the other side. Use two ranchers per light and this should get you much closer to the roof of your tent.

Look at mine.

You’ll notice you can barely see the light, it’s in line with the yellow string (holds my yoyos that prevent the plant from falling or leaning over and snapping when it buds up like what’s going to happen with yours if you don’t stake it or yoyo it)

This is how my light was before I made this change.