Birthday pics 98 days old/blueberry

So today is 98 days from planting 28 days from flip. Blueberry photo ilgm

Still no sent unless you touch them. Growth has slowed. Im using a bloom additive 0-10-10 should it be more? Any advice always appreciated.
Just thought id share.


buds are looking great. At this stage it’s all bud building. Slow, and painful waiting. You’ve got a good 30-60 days of agony. @Tylersays and many others can empathize. :wink:


Yeah man! You got a little bit of a wait yet, but nice space you got and the buds are filling in pretty nicely!
That Blueberry is a HEAVY indica hybrid so be prepared for some dense fat nugs when it’s over.
If you can lower your temps over the course of flowering there’s a good chance you can get some great color out of that strain.
I’ve got some Blueberry autos I want to put out in the garden this season and let them go buck wild!

Keep on strokin’ bro!

Best of Luck!!


Wow looking great!! I have a blueberry not ilgm tho, seed from a friend, and some mishaps along the grow, but she survived lol :laughing: shes 171 days old from seed, 40 days since flip.


No true smell yet either, unless im touching them :laughing:

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So like always? :joy::v: