Birds sporting FLIR


Hey fellow grower’s has any one had issue’s with Bird’s sporting FLIR for a hood ornament? This is for outdoor farmer’s.If so I have something the 32 yrs. of military have taught me.


I don’t but @Countryboyjvd1971 might find this interesting


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We’re talking as in thermal imaging correct?


in-fared,thermal imaging same thing.I remember being in another country where my men had 72 hrs. to escape and elude( mind you this was a training excerice) but it was very serious,if we were caught we would be tortured (real time) we all split into two’s and hauled ass.I came upon and old run down shack window’s intact I could hear the chopper’s coming.Keep in mind thermal was more sufficient in detecting heat.Long story short I dislodged the entire window out, went out side crouched down put the entire window in front of me and here they came and then they left,the FLIR could not penetrate the glass window to locate the source of heat there for I won.Thermo signature denied very true story


We have a lot of deer in the mountains, my remedy for that for me is to create a funnel cage 2-3 feet wide at the bottom and shape it in a cone.Making the top @ least 6-8 feet wide @ the top. You can go to amazon and get a roll of camo sheeting I then place my window cut to order and place just inside the inverted cone looks completely normal happy growing friends


Very interesting! Thanks for sharing


Thanks for sharing @budman1 if I ever go guerrilla I have more knowledge than when I started with!


@budman1 thanks for sharing
Very interesting i grow outdoors in a small green house only a couple plants a year my main grow is indoors


@Countryboyjvd1971,I have a 600w grow light just wondering how’s your power bill? I would like to be able to grow inside for 24-7,but was concerned about raising alarm’s with power company,really in the summer the dawgs are out trying to bust still’s,I usually have 4 trail cam’s and no matter where I go they are getting very close thank’s Bro happy growing


I have a hefty bill depending on time of year
I also run 2 zones of central ac in the house during the summer plus grow room ac
I also run over 2000 watts in lights plus fans etc
So my bills can reach 3-400 per month during a hot summer winter bills are around 150
A 600w light shouldn’t send up any flags bro
I am looking at of grid power systems tho currently to reduce cost and foot print


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