Bipolar 2 diagnosed in my daughter


Hay family. So my daughter is seeing a therapist and there is a family history of mental illness on my daughters mom side and she was diagnosed with Bi Polar 2. Anyone use cannabis to treat this illness and how did it work out for you, did you also take the medications the dr prescribed?


@Rayofsunshine I would only get advice from a medical doctor on this one and depending on age of your daughter I would check local and state laws

With that said there is some good info out there if you put the time in to research it
Try heading to green flower media online you may get some good advice there

Good luck and best wishes :v:CB


CBD is a beneficial. Of course the age of your child is also important.


Two ppl with bipolar diagnosis in my life have tried medicaljane for their symptoms. One friend is 62 male and he doesn’t tolerate high thc it makes him worse. My other friend is 19 and female and she responds the same way to high thc strains like Haze etc but both dropped meds after they began using a strain ( I’ll find the name if you like) with about 12% thc and I believe the cbd percentage was high at 4%. Hope this helps with your question.


@Zsitchin thanks for the recommendations She is taking 50 mg daily of cbd to start. We will see how she feels after the week. maybe it will help her symptoms.


You can go to ILGM Seed store & filter whether your looking for a high cbd plant. I have to use a high thc & high cbd for hubbys ptsd. There are several sttains varying on amount of thc. Hope this helps your baby girl.


Well it has been like 3 days and she said she dont feel as heavy or sad so it is working we will keep you guys posted :slight_smile: Much love


I have several people in my life with this disorder.

Just remember, it’s a chemical imbalance. Only add other chemicals under medical guidance…cannabinoids are chemicals.

Cannabis is amazing, but like anything, there are side effects which could affect the body’s natural balance. Just be careful when medicating for a disorder like this. Do not hide cannabis use from your dr, either.


Solid advice @blackthumbbetty :+1::+1::+1:


But if youre in an illegal state be prepared for your doctor to tell you he wont be able to treat her anymore. Thats what my doctor told me after i was down to 78lbs. & couldn’t eat, everything tasted like cardboard, found medical cannabis & now weigh 110lbs. Have a new doctor whos open.


She has been taking 50 mg a day for the last few days she tells me she don’t feel so heavy and the sadness has lifted. She meets with her therapist on tuesday again and i will let her know that we are seeking alternate medications. Funny thing about this illness that its threw therapy that it is diagnosed and then the doctor just throws medications at you hear take prozac daily tell me how it is working. O you dont feel better hear take some zoloft and tell me how it feels oh you dont feel any different we can up the medication or we can move you to paxil. That is what gets to me its like a guessing game of what medication will work. So why can’t CBD be on that list


Paxil is actually a very, very effective medication for many disorders.
If I could afford it, I’d be on it. Worked wonders when I was on it.


Doctors and the Bud. I experience vertigo, damaged Vega nerve ie nausea vomit bile etc reconstruction of both hands, bionic shoulder lol polyneuritis multiplex , type II diabetic fibromyalgia etc I see multiple Drs quite frequently. Most of them would issue a 30 day discharge from care if informed of medical Mary use. Some would undertand but forget about any other meds from those guys. Then there is always 1 who can be trusted with a delicate issue as informing a Dr of marijuana use who is open minded aware of its medical benefits and although a person lives in an illegal state , that Dr won’t abandon an individual. Problem is finding that 1 Dr who won’t pigeon hole a person or judge them unworthy. I’d be careful of informing any one of my use including Drs… Everything about a persons medicines are then available to any other Dr that wishes to use the federal/state internet medication hot link where all our meds and Pro-Con info is at their fingertips. I don’t disagree in entirety with previous I’d just be cautious


Mask the symptoms with synthetic meds but treat a cond with herbal remedies? Not on their watch. I’m hoping you find a Dr capable of understanding and knowledgeable


@Zsitchin very few, even in an inpatient scene have the "credentials " needed to dispense any canaboids. This is from MY Oncologist’s mouth, while i was inpatient. Being treated for AML Leukemia, in BOSTON! LEGAL STATE! Maddening!!! Sorry…

They make the process very difficult


This isnt mental health but my grandson has spina bifida. He had severe seizures & only meds that woould help made him a zombie. Unknown to his doctor for almost a year hes been seizure free taking only cbds. My daughter still buys the meds prescribed due to a fear of the doctor reporting her to child protective agencies. Sad, a medicine that works so well for so many & it has to be hidden. So now i grow one plant each grow for tincture for him & hubby with stomach problems & ptsd.


I agree that it sucks we have to hide alternative meds out of this fear. Or we get labeled at bad parents because of the stigma associated with cannabis. I plan on growing a high cbd strain myself and make my own tinctures to. I was reading about cannabis and serotonin some interesting studies about this. Since most antidepressants are SSI- Select Serotonin inhibitors


Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (ssri) are just one type of anti-depressant. They work by blocking your body from reabsorbing the seratonin it produces. So, if your depression is related to your body’s reabsorbtion of seratonin, an SSRI may help.


Get yr hand on the oil wat comes frm Kannabis that grow wild like in India/ Jamaica and make the oil out of that not the skunk fam it is only the natural one that has all the real benefit