Biodegradable bags

Hey guys and gals…New here and I had a quick question…about to start the first grow and was wondering if it would be ok to use the biodegradable bags that you can just plant in the new pot for transplanting…for ease and make it more tolerable for the baby buds…thanks in advance.

Not sure exactly what you are referring to, do you have a picture?

Hey there guys and gals…new here…just getting my ducks in a row before my first grow…So my question here is can I use biodegradable bags for my seedlings that say you can plant the bag and all right into the new bigger pot or bag, to ease the transplanting process?

Any help greatly appreciated

I moved your other topic here because it was duplicate.

Says you can transplant right in the bag.
Thanks for your time

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Sorry about that and thank you

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Never used anything like that, sorry. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work though.

As long as they degrade quick enough for the roots to penetrate into the larger container.

I use 1 gal plastic containers. Easy transplant into bigger pots. Never an issue. Never.

I would slice that bag off just do I can see the root development.