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Well hello welcome back your plants are looking great,

I got 3 new strains going this time. Bruce banner. Sky walker and black widow. I’m excited

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Getting close to harvest time! What’s everybody think. @Davyg @Covertgrower @Amazon66 @pptrsha1 @Chasfitter


I need to see a closer shot of trichomes you got a lot of red hairs, so your close

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It’s difficult to see from your pictures but going by the healthy looking leaves I would say you have a bit to go yet. She looks like she has just started to cannibalize herself but without a clearer shot of the trichs it’s difficult to call. Sure looks good though :sunglasses:

The chance of disaster striking is just as likely during the first couple of weeks as it is the last, though.
There’s times where you don’t need to be as attentive, but there’s definitely no “safe period”.

The shit can hit the proverbial fan at any time, imo. Even after harvest. The struggle is real and never ends :wink:

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they look fantastic!

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100% @Shootem_Badguys, you take your eye off the ball at any point and you could head to the wall. Seen a few grows where that has happened. I’ve lost 4 plants, all in flower and all in the bin. Last two were last week. I came back from a 3 day break to find two ladies in full flower. Leaves started to turn yellow all over, almost to the point of being white, EC levels shot right up, runoff ph around 6.2, couldn’t get a handle on it at all so after two weeks of trying they got the chop.

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@Davyg @pptrsha1 @Chasfitter @Shootem_Badguys @Covertgrower @Amazon66


I think I’m getting close l! What’s everyone think?


I think it looks good.


A lot of cloudy I’d start flushing and looking for more amber

Lookin’ good so far!

Looks like they’re starting to get milky. I’d not worry about harvest for another couple weeks, if possible.

I’d make sure to keep a closer eye on them now, though, as your harvest window seems to be opening (about a 4-week window).
When you get a few more amber trichomes and the vast majority of the rest are milky, you’re good to chop.

There’s a lot of personal preference involved as well, though. Some people prefer more amber/orange trichomes as it gives a heavier “couch-potato” buzz.

Usually, I like to wait until I see about:

75-80%: clear
10-15%: amber
5-10%: clear

That’s just my personal preference. You’ll find your own eventually.

Keep an eye on the pistils as well. I like when the trichomes are at the ratio I mentioned above as well as seeing approximately 50-70% of the white pistils turning brown and curling into the bud.

One last thing:

Remember that the trichomes don’t stop maturing after you’ve harvested the plant. They’ll continue to “change” for a bit after harvest as well.
So, if one waits TOO long to harvest (with a 4-week window, it’s kind of difficult to harvest too late…IMO) the “ratio” may still change a little.

While I’m definitely not trying to step on any toes…
I’d maybe wait a week or so to begin flushing, you’ve still got a lot of clear trichomes and very little ambers.

Just keep a closer eye on them from now on, for sho.

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So, it won’t let me edit the GLARING error on my last post, as it was posted only a couple of minutes ago and it’s been “too long since it was posted” to edit -.-

What I MEANT to say was:

10-15%: Amber
5-10%: Clear

My apologies.
I wish I could just edit the original post quickly as to not have such a massive mistake on there for everyone to see haha.



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