Bikes or what ever you want to post

I have a 2009 Yamaha Roadliner 1900CC. Been 1 1/2 years since its been taken out.
But I’m going soon.


Cant really see bike. I will post again later

Like the flag though!

Ya the flag is way cool…


MT1 Did you live in SD all your life? That used to be a cool town in the 70’s!

Hi Tx … yep … lived there all my life, until 12 years ago. After a very bad divorce, I moved to the mountains in southern Utah and bought a log cabin, lived there for two years, and then slowly made my way east. Ended up here in southwest VA. Can’t afford to move back to SD, but my son and his family are there, so I go as often as I can. I’ve also got family in this area (within a 2 1/2 hour radius). It’s weird that we all ended up back east.

It was most definitely pretty wild in the '70’s. Wonder how we survived it!

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Did you go to Seaport Village and the coffee shop Upstart Crow? When I was in advanced school in the Navy, we lived there on the weekend. And would always take a couple of bags back to drink in the classroom.
I want to get back to the east coast again, but I do not believe that I can make it due to my health. I sure as hell want to see New York State in the fall with all those beautiful leaves! I have been around the world three times and only one other place even comes close, Japan during cherry blossom time ! !

Hope you have a great grow and keep in touch with us.


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Tx … I worked downtown right on the waterfront. Used to take my lunch breaks at Seaport Village all the time. I don’t remember the coffee shop … this was in the 80’s and 90’s. Spring and fall back here are gorgeous … I don’t even mind shoveling snow, but the humidity in the summer is killer.

That’s great you’ve been around the world a few times … farthest I’ve gotten is Mexico, Hawaii, and Canada.

Sorry guys … kind’ve got off the subject of bikes!

MT :blush:

That’s why it is for Bikes and what ever you want to post.

Hey mt1 I’m from va southwest also I grew up in Tazewell, VA. Been a little busy to take a diff pic of bike

Heres my 2008 not 9 like i thought. Yamaha roadlinner 1900cc nice riding bike. I just got my handlbar risers and lower wind screens.

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Nice bike. They ride pretty good, my friend had one.

That gold go’s great with the chrome. But I love my teal blue.

Notice the two different colors

B Safe

Looks great there Will. The color is called sea shell. It’s silver with brown that’s why it looks gold. I love the color, not to common. Yes I see the 2 colors in yours, it’s always great to have colors that’s different than what ever others have.

Yes it rides great, I just gots some handle bar risers. It will lift 1.5 inches and back 2 inches.

Your bikes look great! Love the colors. I’m glad you guys are still riding. I wish my BF still had his bike. I know he misses it.

tlk … You were about 3 hours away from me in southwest VA. The area I’m in is pretty depressed. All the local industry moved to China and it nearly destroyed this area. My county is the poorest in VA. Only good thing about that was I was able to buy a house and 5 acres for $100K!!

Happy riding!

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Nice ride Will ! What year ?

1995 1200 Sportster twisted crome spikes and heritage stile fenders.
All depends on how you look at it in the sun either green or blue I love it