Biggest outdoor plant looks like a male

Pretty sure this baby is a male. What a shame. What do you think?

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Ya. That’s Not pistils. Sorry.
Looks like full on male to me.

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Yep… You got a dude.

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That’s what I thought. Thanks for confirmation.

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I told you not to come into my neighborhood!


That’s one way to do it. :joy:

When I used to grow with regular seeds I did notice the fastest growing/largest plants were usually male


I have two photos of plants I believe are males. Can I post them and get input?

You could they they won’t get as noticed if you were to start a new thread.

Are these males?

Can’t tell on first photo yet, but the second photo is male and fairly well along, you need to keep it away from your females and destroy it. It probably has already released pollen so if ladies nearby you might get a few seeds in your harvest.

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I agree, get the second one out immediately.
First photo too soon to tell. Second, almost too late.

I pulled them both. I had moved them 30 feet from the others and hope that will keep females safe

30’ won’t do it. Pollen can travel a half mile. Unless you want to breed, chop the confirmed male down and burn it or otherwise dispose of it. Make sure your ladies are inside or well separated and throw a trash bag over him before you start moving him around too much.

Just realized this was 30 days old. I hope everything worked out for you.