Bigger than I thought

First time auto. Day 60. Indoors, DWC, GH Flora nutrients, 6 X 1500W LEDs, White Widow FAP. Thought they would be smaller but I have room. Tallest is 6.5 ft+ and others at least 5". Topped early, trimmed and left to do their thing. All seem healthy. Just shocked by size. I left the lights turned up throughout and moved to maintain distance throughout. Literally 100’s of buds forming on the big girl. Just wondered if lights had a hand in the size or other. Maybe everything IS bigger in TX. Aloha!!


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Day 70. Just keep getting bigger and seem to be progressing slowly through flower. I’m patient. Aloha!!


13 weeks from seed. Sometimes I know its hard to gauge scale in a photo the green wire form is at least 4’ high, the girls in the back are at 7’ tall and 4’-5’ wide. When I planned space I thought they would be much smaller. What did I know LOL! I have 30 like this and had to commandeer another room. When they start really growing - inches each day - you get greedy for it and I literally fed it. I haven’t hit a target time since they sprouted - every stage has taken longer but the plants seem healthy! . Now, with a bunch of flowers, I guess the plan is just to watch the flowers and trichomes to determine when to flush and harvest. I think I still have several weeks to go but welcome opinions. I want those flowers to get fat! Aloha!