Bigdaddy's Outdoor/Indoor Super Soil Grow Journal

Keeping this here because I have terrible hand writing and any updates I post can be helped with wisdom/constructive criticism unlike if I had a personal journal. Thank you :sunglasses:

SOIL I USE: I start with the seed starter then transplant to the super soil.
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OUTDOOR GROW: From left to right - Gorilla Glue Clone/Liberty Haze Clone/Super Lemon Haze bag seed (All ladies)

NUTRIENTS I USE: Tap water pH balanced to 6.6, General Hydroponics Growth Trio, CALMAG, Fishsh!t for flavour/yield/nutriet uptake, Great White powder mycorrhizae - (Didn’t want to buy another 4 bottles of GH stuff that do the same as the fishsh!t, and many people I know personally use and swear by it)


This is the 1/3 ILGM Blue Dream I have managed to get going of the 10 seeds I bought 7/10 never popped out of the soil.(See post for other 2)

Setup is Phlizon 600w LED, Humidifier, Dehumidifier, 4" Inline Fan, 2 small Hurricane clip fans, C02 Bag

Temperatures between 76F-81F / Humidity between 49%- 55% (day/night) window in my bedroom open with a fan bringing in fresh outside air constantly.

NUTRIENTS I USE: Will be same as outdoor nutrients when plants are of age. Currently just 6.6 pH balanced tap water.


Good looking plants, :eyes:

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Nice plants, set to watching

If you have the correct soil you need nothing until flower, and not much then. More problems occur by over feeding than almost any other. Let the plant tell you how it’s doing.

Looking good so far. I would suggest you perform a slurry test on your soil to verify it’s between 5.8 and 6.8 or so.

@Chasworks @Mrcrabs Thank you :smiley:

@Myfriendis410 So far I always do less then suggested for nute measurements, less is more motto. I have yet to do any soil test, but it would not hurt to know whats going on in there.

I’ve been watching A LOT of videos on feeding the soil not the plant. Keeping microbes happy etc etc etc. Great watch for me at least NPK-University Soil Microbiology With Harley Smith VIDEO LINK

On a side note I potted some 10 different herbs (thyme, rosemary, dill, parsley). Excited to use it in cooking but of them have aromas that make bugs go away from what I’ve read online. @Ning hope to have my herbs on will now also!


Nice set of plants and set up you have! I also compost kitchen scraps and veggie cuttings from my garden for years. Not just for nutrients but keep neutral pH as well. Just did some massacre of bugs this morning. I’d been a little neglecting my heirloom tomatoes and found them loaded with white flies. I bought habernero to make my brew now, it kills fast. I’m germinating Ghost Peppers, got one seedling coming up. I was told it’s hotter than habernero. I grow them for pesticide only. Made a mistake of putting half habernero I grew in a Thai papaya salad once and had to compost it because it was too hot for me, lol!

I regularly use the grow space to do “starts” for the truck garden. We just put out our summer’s corn, pole beans, lettuce and spinach. Lettuce is always in the ground.

@Ning @Myfriendis410 There will be all kinds of veggies when I plan over the winter for the next years outdoor grow!

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Ah, check out my ‘cover up crops’ here,

Also my heirloom tomatoes are almost ready, picked several of the ‘Early Girls’ to tie me over until these are ready which is like NOW!


Good looking girls my father jokes with me to that my vegetable garden is just a cover LOL



I decided to use some of the Recharge for my plants, 48 hours later I am beyond excited with their growth!

Before Recharge ------------------------------------------------> After Recharge 48 hrs later

Left Image I applied recharge to the far left/right plant and not the middle one. After seeing results from the other 2 in just 1 day the middle girl needed water so she got a little bit of recharge also. (pictures don’t do justice compared to them in person)

I’ve spent a lot of time looking into living soil, feeding the microbes and keeping my soil ecosystem happy and thriving. Recharge was my first step, red wigglers/nightcrawlers will be the next step.

Harley Smith with NPK-University (Soil Microbiology) <— Very good watch, I’ve learned a lot from this amazing dude. I wish he was my biology teacher in school!



The only surviving ILGM Blue Dream finally growing nice and healthy. @tanlover442 thank you for the clear cup idea. Being able to see the roots form is actually super cool and it helped see that these roots wanted to escape through my drain holes.

So she was moved to her 7gL forever home!

So far everything is going to plan, my only concern is the humidity lately is ungodly so my indoor plants been sitting at 60-62% even with a dehumidifier running… More updates to come!

They are looking good.

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Awsome garden patch, haha, grest cover crops, @bigdaddyflexn plants perked up my friend, looking good


The Lemon Haze on the far left grew a full board I couldn’t believe it!

Thank you @tanlover442 @Mrcrabs

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These past weeks I’ve looked a lot into living soil, healthy bacteria/microbes and attempting to not use the GH trio I bought. I think I’ll only use the bloom towards the end for a little extra but other then that for this past month its only been recharge and fish sh!t (also credit to super soil for being awesome.


So far so good, the ILGM Blue Dream Fem is coming along very nicely. She got dosed along with the outdoor Liberty Haze a Recharge boost like the other 2 and showed just as much height/width growth as the the other 2 ladies. (I didn’t get before/after pick… >.<)

Thinking about topping soon, as soon as I get another 2-3 node stacks or should I do it sooner?

@Mrcrabs @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 - Any thoughts or tag someone who does? Thanks <3



COVER CROP HAS SPROUTED!!! I went with winter rye, crimson/yellow/white clovers.

I extended my area so the girls have more space. I started some LST on all of them after some small trimming here and there. My only pest problem so far has been grasshoppers, I’ve given my local wasps the raid treatment and for some reason my yard has been LOADED with dragonflies - also a spider here and there which I always see some flies and rarely a grasshopper. I am beyond excited with these 2 clones/bag seed.

My buddy who gave me the 2 clones is beyond jealous as this is his 4th grow and mine are twice the size of his. BUT we’re happy because it just helps us evaluate what each of us did differently and learn from that for the next grow.

Liberty Haze Clone Gorilla Glue Clone Super Lemon Haze bag seed

@Ning I want to try your recipe but nature seems to be protecting my outdoor babies LOL!


Sweet my friend, i rarely grow autos so i cant give you advise dont want to stunn it, but other have without problems, lets hear what they have to say, plants looking great, SORRY fir some reason i thought it was an auto, but its a photo, I’d let her get a few more nodes tgen thn top or fim your choice, she’ll jump back in no time

@Mrcrabs I just looked at the ILGM training post and instantly answered my question… lol Still want the other veterans to share knowledge if possible :wink:

Pistols have started to show on the outdoor grow so far we’re in business. :smiley:

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I don’t really top any plants. I usually do the opposite and try to keep plants skinny and straight. If you’re running autos you have to be on your game to be successful topping them.

There are members that claim to repeatedly be successful topping autos, @blackthumbbetty comes to mind.

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There regular fem photos. I didn’t even know topping an auto was a thing??

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Sorry, not sure where I picked that up. There are definitely members that successfully top autos though.

Wait til at least 5 nodes and you should be good. If you wait a little longer like 6 or 7 nodes, they seem to recover a little faster.