BigCats 1st perpetual grow journal

So keep using the grow big thru week 6? Also yes Epsom salts is what im referring to but week 6 will also start shooting powder which is really low NPK like 0, 0.2, 0.6. Been using 25 ml of cal mag and 10 ml of Epsom salt, 19 ml bud xl, 30 ml floranectar, 2.5 ml drip clean, 12.5 ml of silica, and 20 ml of blackstrap molasses. On top of the trio thats all my additives with the recharge also being used 2x weekly

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OCD cant handle your seedling not been planted in the center of the cup

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@OmNomBoogers those darn cats! Lol trust me its driving me up the walls!!! I’m honesty surprised it made it as the dirt was literally tossed back in in a handful and I patted it like your gonna be okay and luck would have it she was!


Yes… keep using Grow Big until you flip them to 12/12 for flower… at that point you can add Tiger Bloom. And with FF, I always water to about 25% runoff… they are famous for salt buildup, but if you water like that, it mitigates it a lot.

I’m rather confused here. My flower tent i sent pics of showing the supposed nitrogen and cal mag Deficiency is in week 6 today just finished off the week 5 water this morning and in the evening ill make up the week 6 water. Following fox farm schedules for week 6 it calls for no grow big. The veg tent is on a light seedling feed around 200-250 just basing off bottle directions with a touch of molasses. To try and clear things up I was asking about the spots on my baby girls we decided that was humidity drip from the dome after misting but we never decided any amendments for the flower feeding schedule. This is what im going for when I make water after work (Fox farm feed schedules i follow at 60%, strength)
3 tsp per gallon Big Bloom. I’ll add 45 ml
2 tsp per gallon Tiger Bloom. I’ll add 30 ml
1 tsp per gallon Cal Mag. I’ll probably add 30 ml this week since I’ve been adding 25 ml and she still looks hungry
2 tsp per 5 gal Epsom salt. This week I’ll probably bump it up to 1 Tbsp (15ml)
Shooting powder i add 13 grams per 5 gal bucket
Bud XL 3.2 ml per gal. Usually add 20 ml per 5 gal bucket
2 tsp per gallon floranectar. I’ll add 30 ml per 5 gal
20 ml unsulfured molasses per 5 gal bucket
2.5 ml drip clean per 5 gal bucket

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This is where I’m at in flower currently for my 2 Bruce banner ladies. I have not made up a week 1 veg feeding for the little ladies yet as im still using my seedling water reading about 200-250ppm and everything is always watered at ph of 5.9-6.0

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The schedule is a great start but not every plant grows the exact same number of weeks and with a photo , you decide when to flip to flower not a mfg nutrient schedule.

All I was saying is that Big Bloom is ok throughout the entire cycle. Grow Big is for vegetative state (you need N to grow more leaves) but you ween off Grow Big when you add Tiger Bloom and eventually cancel the Grow Big as you don’t want new growth during flowering, you want everything to go into the buds (N makes new and stronger leaves)


If you are trying to limit N and growth of non bud structures during the flowering is it also important to do a heavy flush before you change your lighting schedule. Can N rich potting soil cause problems during flowering

Yes because usually N rich potting soils are time released nutrients


These 2 little ladies are starting to see new leaves almost daily now and the flower tent is packing on weight had to tie some branches up this morning