Big Problem With My Lady


I had the most beautiful big girl. PH was right, nutes right, humidity right, and a week ago she started clawing and I couldn’t figure out why then all her leaves we’re wrinkled and destroyed finally when I got home today. I trimmed almost all damaged leaves and I think I will just flush her so I can try to save the buds that still look good and intact. What a bummer.


The temp hit 92 in the tent and I think the heat finally won after months of trying to contain it.


92 deg…?
Ya … she drowned and fried… sorry my man… :wink:
You need to always have a fail safe in dwc… and a fail safe for that fail safe in dwc…that’s why most of us run rdwc… less likely to happen in rdwc…
Water temp was to high and water couldn’t hold onto any oxygen… so she drowned… hard to keep oxygen in the water any higher then 75 deg in the reservoir… no matter how big the air pump… :wink:

Lessons learned… sorry my friend…



Some leaves survived and I have solar so I can run my AC all day but I forgot to run it. It’s my first grow so I will do RDWC soon. She definitely got hurt but I think I still I may be able to save her.

It also didn’t affect the smaller plant I have in the same tent


We all learn lessons as we go.


If you decide to go rdwc… let me know and I’ll shoot you some pics that will help… all DIY… :wink:



Thanks man, I have already watched a bunch of videos and created a parts list. I really wanted it for the ability of changing the water and nutes using a primary reservoir. I’d love to see pics of your set up though


Here is a simple 2 bucket system… one 5 gallon and one 3 gallon linked together with a 3/4 water line and a lil pond pu.p that they sell at lowes and the 60 gallon air pump at Walmart and 2 medium sized air stones…
I use it for my overflow clone area… you could easily do one plant in this system and it will fit in a really small area … I think 2x2 … :grin:

I have 2 systems in this pic… :wink:



Here is a pick of my veg totes… only one external resovior… holds 13 gallons …
With an option for 5 more gallons if I have to be out of town for a week…



I have 2 5 gallon buckets now but I have a 3rd 5 gallon bucket for my next grow in my 4’x4’x80" tent. So I should have just enough room for 3 buckets and a resevoir. Tight squeeze but there is room. How many gallons should my reservoir be? I’m thinking about running PVC through the bottom of all the buckets and using the reservoir to monitor temp, PH, change nutes and water, etc. Should I have the water pump going into the reservoir or should the water be pumped out of the reservoir? I also wonder about how much water will be left inside of the buckets when I empty the reservoir for water and nutes change. Will a little leftover nute water in the buckets matter?


I also have separate air pumps for each bucket and I am adding in circular tomato plant supports to keep plants contained to their space and for weight support during flowering. I have 3 600w Phlizon LEDs and I will probably add 1 or 2 more Of the same lights to accommodate the additional plant. I will also not grow in summer or winter anymore, just fall and spring. 2 grows will be more than enough bud to support my habit and a couple other people’s too if I feel generous.


These are my flower totes… 2 resivor’s and they hold 20 gallons with an option for 10 more gallons if I have to leave town… :grin:



I like the idea of a bigger reservoir but I have to figure out how much room I have first. My next round of plants just sprouted so I will have time to build my RDWC system by the time they are ready to veg.


Your plan seems solid… I scrogg my plants , so for me having an external resovior is the only option… if you can put your main resovior outside of your tent , that would make things super easy to control… :wink:
And yes you want to pump water out of resovior and into your pots and let them drain back to main resovior… and what lil bit of water that remains in each bucket won’t matter… :wink:
The one problem you might have doing single buckets , is that the outlet that drains back to main resovior tend to get clogged with roots…
That’s the reasoning for my totes… simple is as simple does… also less moving parts and only a couple of spots that have an opportunity to leak… :wink:



I would to put the reservoir outside of the tent, but I worry about keeping light out unless I cut a while in the tent. Scrog is something that really interested me but I don’t think I can scrog more than 2 plants in a 4’x4’ space due to lateral growth. Luckily I am really good at building stuff and I have no worries about creating a unit that doesn’t clog. I think I can create a double mesh barrier to keep roots at least a few inches away from the plumbing.


See… told ya I’d check out your grow :wink: Now I see it was the high temps not the gap between h20 level. I had similar problem with my GG#4 two weeks before harvest… temps hit 89-91 in tent a couple days straight and some of her leaves turned to mush… I managed to save her although she did hermie… still gave me a nice harvest 305 grams dry weight (70g in buds). You should still be able to get some good smoke out of your lady so all is not lost. We grow and learn from our mishaps and mistakes. I’m cheering you on for your next grow!!! :smiley:


Thank you for checking in @Key2THC. My next grow will be a much better set up and result now that the weather is not triple digits anymore. Plus I will be installing my nest thermostat in case I forget to run the AC again.