Big problem put in flower in 26june

helps a friend figure out what she’s had too much of in week 5 type.

it is gdp blast flower running under advanced p300 lamp growing in soil
28 ° and 40% humidity
uses hesi nutrition also uses various micro nutrients that the brand raw has.
strength of nutrition about 600 and pH 6.5?

crack this nut with all the undead growers here in the forum.



Okay I do see one advantage should be getting close to finish have you looked at the crystals with a Jeweler’s loupe. I do recommend fill out the support ticket to get you more and better feedback. Good luck

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Yee its not so mutch tricoms get and they are all clear this happend after fedding moment.
Before hole girl was green and no problems.

Epson salt eating the leaf maby she had in the nute.

Its day 55 of flower so more time but I dont think she make it.