Big pots right away?

Question from a fellow grower:

What if I plant my newly geminated seeds that have the first showing of roots into very large pots and not transplant them
Into small pots, then medium size pots?
I’m wondering if this is ever done or can and should be done without any negative effects.
So from seed sprout roots straight into large pots and keep there till end of harvest?

That’s the way I do it no transplant at all I leave them in the same 5 gallon the hole time

You can do this just be careful with your watering. Water in a roughly 2 inch circle around the plant until it gets bigger, this helps prevent the soil from staying to saturated. Also be aware that this generally slows down your growth rate until the roots have a chance to fully establish in it.

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It is easier to get that 2 inch circle using a turkey baster…I use this watering method for my seedlings.

If you are growing auto’s big pots right away yes, there are advantages to doing transplants if you are growing reg or fem first off smaller containers dry faster letting you both water and feed more often. Second the roots will fill out more laterally rather than shooting straight down then spreading meaning top portion of soil is unused. Third allows you to fit more plants in smaller veg space