Big pot = taller plant?

I was reading that the bigger the pot, the taller the plant. I bought 32 gallon pails ( Walmart $10 ). Will this work? The plant is Panama Red.


Yeah; it’ll work but cannabis is somewhat shallow rooted. You would probably be better off with a tote of the same capacity. But that’s only part of the equation. Adequate light, adequate soil and nutes and most of all, time! Big plants take time in the ground to GET big.

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Taller and wider.

1- make sure you have plenty of drain holes in the pot. You might even consider adding some small 1/8” holes on the sides for better aeration.

2- I like to transplant up to a size like that in stages, it makes caring for the plant easier.

Looks like you will have monsters!

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Hope so. Good for the image.

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