Big Pot, Different strains

I have a quick question… can I mix different strains of plants into a single large pot? I have Acapulco Gold, Blueberry, and Moby Dick. Thanks

@POMPANOGUY it’s best that they all have their own pots to live in. Way too many roots in one pot creates ph issues and competition for nutrients.


Thanks. I have a pot almost 3ft x 2 ft.

You could stick two plants in that space. @POMPANOGUY more details are needed to give you more accurate advice.
Is this indoor or outdoor?
How long do you intend to veg for?
If you’re planting autoflowers they don’t need that much space as their lifespan is very short.

They are outdoor plants. Acapulco gold. Will a bigger pot let them grow taller??

I would highly recommend giving each plant its own space for outdoor growing. @POMPANOGUY the roots get very large, and so does the plant. Yes, they will get larger, especially outside.

Every plant may need different care I would definitely plant in separate pots!!!