Big Poppa’s first grow California Dream

Coming up on three weeks this Friday. I had 10 Calfornia Dream seeds. Gave five to my son. Of the five I had three popped. Soil is ffof. Ph is 6.1. No nutes yet. Viparspectra 450 watt 25 inches above plants. I have Nector for the Gods start pack. Any recommendations? When do I transplant to five gallon fabric pots? They’ve been in one gallon for a week.


I transplant when I see roots start to poke out the bottom of the pots. Once you see roots, I wouldn’t wait too long as they can get rootbound rather quickly. I ran my girls, 6 weeks in much smaller seedling pots and they probably should have been transplanted a week earlier.

Your girls look good though. The FFOF should feed them nicely for several weeks without nutrients. Don’t get in a rush to feed them. Forcing nutes will only cause problems.


Will do. Thanks for the info.

Question about watering. I soaked the plants to runoff last Saturday. Ph runoff was 5.8 with all three plants. Is that to low? And is that how you guys water every two to three days to runoff? I think the easy part is behind me and the vast arrays of potential screwups by yours truly is just beginning.

5.8 is a little low but acceptable. Just keep an eye on it so as not to let it get any lower.
And welcome to ILGM @BigPapaBuds we are all here to help, just tag us using the @Covertgrower in front of our name. Happy growing!

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Thanks. Stumble fingers on ipad

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I forgot to say when I transplanted to the one gallon containers I put in 2 tbs of Mykos

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Welcome to the forum.

It would be better if you could raise the pH to at least 6.3 . Timing of watering is based on what the plant needs more so than days in between.

A small plant in a large pot wouldn’t require as much watering as a large plant in a small pot. See what I mean?

Same principle applies with how much to water. Small plants, like sprouts, don’t need to be watered to runoff. That could lead to severe problems with plants that young.

Once I reach the pair of 5 segment leaves I will usually start watering to runoff for the first time. That’s based on a 1gal pot.

Just my input

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Thanks for the reply. How do you raise ph in the soil? More research ahead.

Dolumite lime increases ph, you can some to the top of the soil, or add some in when feeding and watering. @BigPapaBuds


Okay got it. Thanks guys for answering all my many mundane questions.


One of the great things about this community is that we don’t find much mundane when it comes to our girls. :wink:

The stupid question is the one not asked…


@BigPapaBuds I’m using the NFTG sample pack too… I gave my seedling the seedling mix they list in their feeding schedule. The root ball when I transplanted out of the cup they were in was crazy. Never had plants with a root ball like that and only 2 weeks from breaking ground. Your going to love that stuff. I can see a huge difference between a plant getting it as to not

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Sasquatch Going to start this Friday it will be three weeks by then. Half rate. Should I wait another week?

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Youll like the nectar line fir sure its top notch stuff :wink:

In veg stage do you leave your lights on at 18/6 or leave them on for 24 hours straight. I’ve read where people have done it both ways. I’m on 18/6.

18/6 is best. They need the rest period. They do a lot of growing in the dark. @BigPapaBuds

I just noticed roots growing out the bottom on two of my one gallon containers. I’ll probably transplant them into my 5 gallon fabric and hold off with nutes for a couple of days or would it be okay to give them the NFTG after transplanting?

I think you should be ok with a light dose. After they fully recover you can give a heavier dose. See what they respond to, you can always give them more, but it’s harder to rinse out too much nutrients, and you can’t erase nutrient burn. @BigPapaBuds

Thanks will do.