Big industrial marijuana set up


A question from a fellow grower:

I am building a legal! grow facility here in Washington State.
My question regards how best to filter the passive, fresh air intake for my girls. I know the specs for square footage required for my big, industrial exhaust fans. But that is for clear, unimpeded air flow. I am trying to figure out what to use to filter out bugs, spores, etc.
I’m not finding good info on this.
Since it is an exterior wall, it needs to be secure and still allow adequate intake, using a material that is economical and easy to replace…
Any thoughts would be most welcome.


Look for a roll of thrip netting. It has a fiber on one side, and a poly fill insulation on the other. You put it over your intake fans, and the bugs do not get through. Good Luck.

Probably hyfro-gardens, or teksupply. If not. Look up cropking website. Good luck :smiley: